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'Why?' Part 2

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Okay, a few days ago, I posted a thread asking why conspiracy theorists believe what they do and what got them interested and all of that. To keep all things equal, I am posting a thread here to give the other side a chance to explain themselves.

For those of us who are debunkers out there, this is your chance to tell your side. Why do you not think these theories are true? Did you once believe and now are jaded? At what point did you look at things and go 'Oh now that is just too out there?'

As I asked on the other thread, please keep it civil and with no preaching.

To be fair, I will go first.

I have always kind of been on the fence where these things are concerned. I look one way, I see evidence in support for a certain topic, I look the other way, I see debunking evidence. it's like a game of badmitton and the evidence tossed is the birdie.

Anyway, a few things push me to thinking that a lot of these are not true. The first is my personal rule on any sort of rumor, theory or conspiracy. It goes as follows-

'Whenever you have two extremes of thought, somewhere in the middle is where the truth lies.'

Also, I have an inborn instinct, a need, to play 'Devil's Advocate'. I need to force people to think, to back their claims up with evidence, to make sure they are thinking with their own mind and not someone else's.

Now, that being said, I am open minded on most rumors and conspiracies. I think there is a grain of truth in everything. It is just a matter of trying to sift through the bull**** to get to that one kernal of corn.

Everyone on both sides of this debate are providing some wonderful evidence either way for a number of conspiracy theories. The problem I see is this though- humans are not perfect. We cannot step back from our own views and look at the evidence objectively. Even subconsciously we tend to ignore things that do not fit our own personal view. EVERYONE is guilty of this. Even me.

Anyway, those are my views and where I come from. I hope this satisfies the curiosities of those of you who care. I invite others to join in here.

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Interesting thread:

As a fellow Orgonian, I tend to agree with most of your post. I look at all the evidence, theories, to come to a logical conclusion. I don't believe every thing I read, and as with any good researcher verify claims and facts through multiple sources. Couple that with many years of experience all over the country.

I draw my own conclusions, and take responsibility for those ideas.

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