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Chess Tournament Rules


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Welcome to the second site sponsored chess tournament of 2005, once again UM members will have the chance to battle it out to claim the season two chess title.

The tournament will work in a similar way to the last one, all you need to know in order to participate is how to play chess.

Where will the games be held ?

Once again we will be holding the tournament on the popular chess site Red Hot Pawn, the site provides a turn based correspondance chess system which is very easy to use and caters to our needs perfectly. You do not need to subscribe to RHP in order to use it, however you will need to register for a free account there if you haven't done so already. The free account allows the playing of up to 6 simultaneous games so is ideal for the tournament.

What is the timeout on games ?

All players should set their game timout to 1 day with a 7 day timebank. This is so that players don't disappear for large periods of time and keep their oponent waiting. After 1 day of inactivity, any subsequent inactive time is deducted from the 7 day timebank. Once the timebank has run out, the game is forfeit and the other player can claim a win. Please note that players who time out of more than one game may be removed from the tournament.

How do I initiate a game with someone ?

A list of all the tournament players RHP names will be posted up on the chess board here on the site once the final player list is determined. To challenge someone, use the 'find player' option to locate that person and then select the option to challenge them to a game. Note that if the person has 6 games running you will have to wait until they have a space before you can play them.

How does the scoring work ?

As before, 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

How many games do we play ?

Each player can play each other player twice, once as black, once as white.

I've completed a game, where do i post the result ?

A results thread will be posted up on the chess board once the tournament has begun.

I want to take part !

If you'd like to take part in the tournament, please make a post in the 'Post here to take part' thread.

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