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Ok, at RHP my username is "Kratos". :)

If you want to practice a bit live, you can shoot me a PM and we can play on Zone.com. :tu: or I suppose we could practice on RHP to. :P

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Wel, if anyone wants a warm up game before hand.... my "RHP" nic is Subby :tu:

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i havn't played for awhile but i'd like to take part - just to see if i still 'got it'

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Ok thankyou to everyone who has volunteered to take part, I am going to close this thread for now as we have our 20 starting players.

If at any time anyone quits, I may re-open this thread to ask for more players, so keep an eye on this topic if you'd like to take part but were too late to put your name down. :tu:

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