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Weddings need heavenly help

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Astrology in India is much more than a matter of consulting your horoscope in the daily paper.

Hindu families often have their own personal star-gazer to advise them throughout their lives.

And the advice they all seem to be giving is that no one should get married for the next few months.

The pronouncement is creating havoc with the country's wedding entertainment industry.

For life's big decisions many Hindus consult their personal astrologer.

And in India there's no bigger decision than getting married.

Planetary complications

In a small office in a Delhi apartment block a mother and father ask Pandit Ajai Bhambi when is the best time for their daughter to get married.

According to astrologers, Jupiter's entry into the sign of Leo and the disappearance of Venus from the naked eye, along with other planetary complications, makes this a bad time to get married.

His advice is in line with what every astrologer seems to be saying - "Call the whole thing off" - at least till November:

Full Article LINK

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Finally, something good about being a lonely spinster

i second that sarkypi! thumbsup.gif

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