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Female and Male Energies

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:D Daniel Odier writes in "Tantric Quest": "The phallus of Shiva (who symbolises one's Inner Male) is erect because it is raised to full consciousness, and in full consciousness it penetrates the universe. The vulva of Shiva (who symbolises one's Inner Female) is open because in full consciousness she lets the universe penetrate her....At the core of their mutual penetration supreme consciousness reigns."

Cassandra Lorius says, "Graphic images and sculptured representations of genitals are worshipped as symbols for the female and male energies that together make up existence.

'Yoni' is a Sanskrit word for the vagina that connotes SACRED SPACE or SANCTUM. In Tantra (a very ancient offshoot of both Hinduism and Buddhism), the yoni is worshipped with love and respect, as the GATEWAY TO A DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF THE DIVINE, as well as the source of UNIVERSAL BLISS. Yoni essence is drunk by Tantrics. At a famous temple in Assam, where in one myth the goddess's yoni fell to Earth, spring water comes through a cleft in the rock. In summer, red oxide colours the water red, and this water is drunk in honour of the menstruation of the goddess. The lotus is another symbol for women's genitals, which is drawn around the edge of yantras (visualization aids).....

'Lingam' is the Sanskrit term for phallus, and it's always depicted erect. The erect lingam represents the focussed awareness of consciousness.....It also stands for the universe in a state of EXCITEMENT---in response to the tantalizing play of dynamic Shakti (female) energy. The phallus has long been worshipped as a fertility symbol. In its erect state, it is a celebration of male potency and virility, and a symbol of creativity and courage."


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this is no more or less believable than Lourdes or Fatima. There are "nodes" all over the earth where the spiritual contacts the material. This is perfectly natural.

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