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Wow! Paper thin TV!

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In the next 5 years we are going to see some amazing things lol. I've been reading about this technology now for a few years and you may have noticed it in the movie " Mintority report ".

Yeah, This came into my head the second I read the title.

Whew! Now I can roll up my favorite TV shows and hit my kids with them.

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:alien: I was in a grouchy mood earlier. This paper thin viewing screen will be great for the New Space Module they are building. With weight being a cost per pound item , gauges and view screens would be of little cost. A great Idea.

All SMART MEN change thier minds! :tu: And women change thiers also! :no:

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omg, this is soo scary, im not normally scared of new technology but i can see it now propoganda messages in post nuclear war with suppressed emotions and grey!!

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