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Procreation in Ancient Lemuria

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:) Archangel Michael (channeled through Orpheus Phylos in the late 1990s) says:

"Because family was a truly meaningful experience in the Lemurian culture (millions of years ago), children were genuinely loved and treasured. Their method of conceiving a child was very different from how humans create offspring. Lemurian children were birthed when the masculine and feminine energies of a group would join together and embrace each other through their MIND energies. As they came together, they held a pattern of thought that would elevate them in a complete union with each other. As this union took place they would reach an ecstasy of togetherness within their harmonic activity which produced a genetic replication---the seeding of an energy composite of themselves. This energy composite was instantly birthed as a seed of light that was placed into incubation for a time.

While in the crystal incubator, the child-to-be would be monitored by its cosmic family who would overview it and make sure it was receiving the correct energy patterns until it was fully developed. When the time came for the birthing of the child, they all gathered together in MIND UNISON and when they opened the crystal container the child would amazingly already be matured to the level of a 12-year old Earth child. The child would then be taken to the head council where instructions were given as to where it would begin life. A plan would be made for its telepathic development and growth.....

Later on, when the Lemurian civilization divided into two groups, those who retained the purity of oneness continued this pattern of procreation. However, the group that separated and became ATLANTIS eventually intermingled with the physical beings already on Earth which began their descent into the density of matter."

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would this explain why Jesus went to the temple at 12?

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