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Spiritual Polyamory

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:innocent: In "Spiritual Polyamory" (2004), Mystic Life writes: "Polyamory (meaning "many loves") is seen as very different than other "love styles" by some people. However, it does not exist in an entirely separate realm. The similarities are important to keep in mind when we examine polyamory (defined here as the openness to sexual intimacy and love with more than one person at a time).

I have been asked if polyamory is about sexuality or if it is about love. I've stated that if it were not for the element of sexuality there would be no need for a polyamory movement. In other words, sharing the body of another human being is the greatest ego challenge we face in our desire to experience unconditional love.

Polyamory questions the requirement of sexual monogamy. This may feel like a great threat to our sense of security. However, there is no greater sense of security in a relationship than knowing that your love is not threatened by the presence of more love.

Common Ground between Polyamory and Traditional Dating: Both are explorations of emotions, intimacy and sexuality.

Common Ground between Polyamory and Traditional Marriage: Both are explorations of connecting in a deep, meaningful way.

Common Ground between Polyamory and Casual Dating: Both are explorations of sexuality without necessarily restricting the other person.

Common Ground Between Polyamory and Polygamy/Polyandry: Both are explorations of non-traditional sexual intimacy with others." :D:);)

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Little known fact... Coug is in ways.. a polyamory type person.


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