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Deep X-ray scan reveals black-hole baby boom

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Census shows gas-gobbling in galaxies is increasingly common.

Baby black holes gobbling hot gas in the cores of galaxies are more common today than they were ten billion years ago, a new census finds1,2.

The discovery confirms that black-hole activity is alive and well in our cosmic backyard, rather than it being an exotic fossil of the time when galaxies first formed. It also hints that astrophysicists will need to account for the influence of black holes on modern galaxies' evolution.

Black holes lurk at the heart of most galaxies, usually doing nothing. Every so often, however, gas falls into them, is heated to millions of degrees, and gives out an X-ray glow. Niel Brandt, of Pennsylvania State University, and his colleagues searched for this glow with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory satellite.

"The density of active galaxies on the sky is spectacular,'' says Brandt. "We see ten times more X-ray galaxies than in the deepest optical surveys with the Hubble Space Telescope''.

Full Article LINK

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Starlyte your posts are allways interesting thank-you .... original.gif

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