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Why Is Jesus And Christianity So Hated?

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C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity"

for every line in that book two can be written to refute it.


the dispicable acts of christianity are anything but insignificant! Laying blame where it belongs is being prudent.

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I didn't say the "despicable acts of christiansim" were insignificant. If you read that again you'll see that what I said was that the people who commited those acts were an insignificant minority. (I know you'll then ask me if the Inquisition was also only a minority, and it was, only three countries had it in all the christian world, and only for 2 centuries in 20. But you are right, it was the greatest, and probably only, black staint of christianism)

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Wow...Sean...you're incredible, an inspiration. I feel for you too.

I'm still very new to this board...but I thought that I would share a bit of my life. BTW...Sean I really liked that essay on God's Plan that you posted... I will relate some events in my life to God's Plan...(or lack thereof).

When I was fourteen years old my baby sister (12 years old) was murdered. Was that God's Plan? Did he mean for her to die a terrifying death? Did he mean for her to be ripped away from my family? Did he mean for us to be emotionally traumitized for the rest of our lives because of this horrific crime? Some people claim that he took my sister to keep her safe from harmful things...maybe to protect her from my family or because she was to good for this earth? If so...why then wasn't I worthy of being protected too? In such a terrible way. I was a little twelve year old girl too once.

Years went by...I healed...somewhat. In those days I still believed in God...though I had definitely begun to question Him and his Arbitrary Laws and his oh so Tender Mercy...

I'll skip the later teen years...though I did suffer from a three month long nightmare...but that's another story...when I was twenty-two and living on my own I felt such a stabbing agony in my abdomen that I ended up having to go to the hospital emergency... it turned out to be nothing major (according to doctors) and I was sent home with out ever really getting any satisfying answers about the pain. The pain lasted for about 3 weeks and gradually subsided but it never went away...NEVER. I got used to the pain and learned to ignore it...what a mistake that was.

At around 25 I had moved back to my home town, close to my parents. I made arrangements to go to Art College that Fall, and I never made it... That Summer the pain that had sent me to the Hospital 3 years before finally resolved into something...I had cancer. I was twenty five years old, I had never had children...and the first thing the disease took away was my ability to have children. Was that God's Plan? I wasn't meant to have children?

Anyway, it has been about 15 years and I am still fighting Cancer. I have been very sick...many times...been on the edge...scared many people with close calls...still scare them even today. My family...as I have indicated is quite religious....over an over again they tell me that I'm alive today because God is watching over me...that the power of prayer-circles has given me strength...no one gives me credit for the simple reality that I'm to stuborn to die... I thank people when they tell me that they prayed for me...but I believe completely that it my faith in myself, my love for my family and my inner strength that keeps me strong and fighting. For me life is worth living...I cherish every day... dispite the pain I have gone through and still suffer daily (i think people living with daily pain understand my term of "rising to new levels of pain").

Sometimes, when people want to praise God that I'm alive today...I just shake my head...It is my effort, my strength, my determination that makes me wake every day, face that new wonderful day and wonder what might happen today. I don't believe in fate (unless its strange fate). I don't think that God wrote a plan for me that said my sister would be murdered and that I would be emotionally scarred and then stricken with cancer... Was I born sinful? Was I destined to be punished? For what reason? What was Gods plan? Having Cancer hasn't made me a better person...so if his plan was to have me help others who suffer than he has failed. Oh I can help them...I understand the pain and fear they are going through and maybe on occasion I have helped...but I haven't gone out of my way...I haven't become a Good-doer, I not a Volunteer or a Joiner. Was it God's plan for me to become a cynic? A doubting Sinner? If so...and I have often blasphemied in vain ;) ...he has yet to strike me down...unless of course my punishment is my cancer...and then what an Arbitrary God he is...because I still believed back then and my heart had not yet closed to him...

If there is a God, then I wonder what did I ever do to deserve this trial??? I mean if He loves me and he gave me this trail because he loves me...well...I sure wouldn't want to see what kind of trial I would have been given if I was hated.

I mean, after all...God loves every one right?

Thank you for your kind words, MJ. And my deepest sympathies for the loss of your sister. Your strength is inspiring. Keep fighting that fight. :yes:;)

Take care.


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Grandpa Greenman
mplar/graal/masonry books, no? : hmm:

QUOTE(micah-el @ Dec 21 2005, 05:57 PM) *

Personally i believe there may be a higher power, but what ever it is, it just doesn't care anymore

:no: that's dumb friend.

Well there it is the answer to the question of the thread. How do you know, rolleyes, that this is not the case? You got proof he is wrong? You say he is dumb because he disagrees with you. This is actually a Deist point of view, a supreme being that is indifferent. That might be the case. It is not dumb just different.

I once had a friend that wanted to hear about my religion, he had questions which were not answered by the bible. We were sitting at a camp fire with some other people. There was a christian there. As I began to speak the christian started shaking his head with his eyes closed saying I was wrong over and over. He actually had know idea what I was saying as he couldn't hear me. I motioned to my friend we should take a walk so we could talk. The darn christian started following us. My friend and I got into my truck to escape him. That is the kind of nutty stuff that makes me want to strangle christians.

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