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Okay that's it...*slaps SherriBerri up the side of the head with salmon dipped in arsenic*

I live in the real world Sherri. Where definitions rule the day. There are not 'many ways to be alive'. There is only one way. I'm sure you took biology at some point.

A Rock is not a living force. Oh, never mind, I must go to bed now.

Joc i never said a rock was a living force you are reading into my post what you want i said if you look under a high powered microscope you will see movement ( very high powered ) you will see things moving, I understand that the speciessystem (ecosystem) supports all of life and all beings at the optimum level, doing nothing to cause harm to this system is my way of saying that each individual being is important ,all things within this system, I stand behind my staement that as a humanity we are disregarding some species for the betterment of a few ( mainly humans) , it is taking its toll and we will not be able to enjoy life as we are if we continue, sometimes the truth is uncomfortable, it was for me once also, denying it doesn't change anything nor do tirades, if that was the case then religion would be far more effective at that, i'm not looking to argue with you I was stating my opinion based on my understandings. namaste Sheri

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Personally, I worship God. Not because I have to, it's b/c I want to. I have been and continue to be blessed in many ways and I feel that He deserves my attention and worship. :)

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