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John Palifox Key --a mystery

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For some time a couple of friends and myself have been searching in old paper archives (as well as on line) for a book published in 1961 by a man named John Palifox Key, about whom very little information is ever given.

It is known that John Palifox Key was born in Georgia in or around 1936 and that he now is reputed to be living in the Departement of Deux-Sevres in France.

His book was entitled "Proofs of My Return" and it detailed pathway entrypoints into another dimension which supposedly exists alongside our own. In this alternate world, which Key refers to as the "Secondary Alternate Realm" live creatures which resemble the classic gnomes of our folklore. These gnome-like creatures are small and rather squatty and are always reported to be tending some sort of triangular fruits which grow in colours of reddish-orange throughout the Realm, which itself is meant to be in hues of neon or bright reddish orange. The gnomes of the Realm are guarded by groups of upright, sentient lizards possessed of intelligent faces and the will to observe, not restrict, human visitors from entering this realm.

Key is very matter of fact in the book, of which we have a very questionable copy. He simply gives his crossover experiences in the other realm and tells of several entrypoints wherethrough normal people like you and me are able to cross over into the this realm. There is no magic or hocus-pocus involved. You simply go there if you know where.

He lists several places in the north part of the USA state of Michigan and one place in his native state of Georgia, USA. He also mentions the Forest of Paimpont in the Departement of Ille-et-Vilaine, France and the atoll of Clipperton, an uninhabited French possession in the north Pacific as being major "doorways" or passages into this other realm.

From what we have learned in the past 4 years of research, there is quite a large suppression movement afoot to bury the knowledge of how to enter this secondary realm, and it is tied in somehow with quiet and unpresuming agencies of the French government as well as with secret societies which have formed across the ages to protect the secret locations of the passageways.

We know this all sounds incredible---and perhaps it is----but it is a major and known secret in many quarters. There are perfectly credible humans beings living today----Mr. Key is one of them----who have reported crossing over into this parallel dimension. The cover-up efforts are quite extreme.

Does anyone on this board----to which we are newcomers----have any related information? Any serious replies would be greatly appreciated.

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If you do a search on this forum, you will find a similar topic on this gentleman?

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I've actually never heard of this guy. Secret realm? More like mondo acid trip if you ask me. :wacko:

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I've actually never heard of this guy. Secret realm? More like mondo acid trip if you ask me. :wacko:


that sounds about right...gnomes lol!

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I know it is many years later but I only discovered John Palifox Key and his book this past year. I have read countless forums (many links are dead because of how long ago this was a hot discussion unfortunately) and scoured for any bit of information I possibly can.

I don't want to seem like a fanatic or someone desperate to run headfirst into a dead end but well... here I am.

The other forum thread on this site regarding this topic is locked but I did read through it carefully.

Is anyone still interested in this topic and searching for the truth that never seems to arrive? If so, please respond and many more brains will be better than just my own.

I have also been absently looking for the book whenever I am antiquing (which I do often) or in a place that sells books. Obviously I haven't found anything but I don't think that proves it doesn't exist.

There is another reason this intrests me greatly. In the other thread, it referenced Grand Rapids, MIchigan and clues there to this realms existance and it told of the portal in Montmorency County, MI. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids before my family moved and something so close to home... well I decided it warranted some research.

If I can, I do plan to test out the "portals" although I no longer live in Michigan and don't have very good resources for travel.

In any case, if you have any information, I would appreciate it. I understand this topic has been dead for a long time but... its worth asking right?

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Posted (edited)

Hello SitaraWhite

I stumbled on the story late in 2006 with the original post by apacheunger. By the time I found it, the thread on Paranormal Phenomena was a wilderness of deleted posts and dead links.

Despite that, I found enough information, or rather lack of information in the original thread, the Paula Denail blog etc to convince me that the entire thing was a hoax. Virtually everything that can be checked leads to a dead end, geographic inconsistency, anachronism or transparent lies. In my opinion you don’t have to go past the first hundred posts to see this.

Suspicious timing of posts and accounts

The first post, 1764.1

It began (or did it?) on at 1.13pm on Thursday June 7 2001 with a posting from apacheungey titled "

I drove out of this world for 20 minutes". It contains a few typographic errors, no line breaks and one glaring spelling error "lepratchauwns". Some of the vocabulary is slightly childish. As an afterthought the writer attempts to establish her credibility as a professional person.

Despite the juvenile quality of the writing style, the post is unlike the "scary old house" stories posted by children and teenagers in many other threads. That distinguishes it from the general run of rubbish in the paranormal section.

The second post. 1764.2

Exactly twenty minutes later, at 1.33 pm jongrantly (which I first read as "ignorantly") replied and claimed to have been skimming posts for two weeks looking for something like apacheunger's story. The short delay is suspicious. If he had been skimming the net at random looking for stories like apacheunger's, it's possible but improbable that he would have found it within that short time. Now consider the time taken to read, understand and reply. He must have found the original post little more than 15 minutes apacheunger submitted it. Does this mean collusion between apacheunger and jongrantly? Perhaps not.

Some words stand out in jongrantly’s reply. Key, portal and doorway. How do you unlock a door or portal? You use a key of course. In the original post, apacheunger says she sell photocells. Photocells arranged across a shop door set off a bell when a customer walks in. Am I seeing connections where none exist? Perhaps.

Then jongrantly refers to Serge Hutin and Jacques Bergier, two French writers on the occult popular in the 1960s. This brings in a “French connection” which remains a theme through most of the thread and spin-offs. It also has the advantage that few casual readers of the thread will read French or have access to the several books by these authors, so will not be able to check up on the jongrantly’s claim that they mentioned these portals in their books. I’m not saying they didn’t mention Key, I’m saying it’s difficult to check. Then there is “Montmorency County”, a distinctly French sounding name.

The third post. 1764.3

A mere fourteen minutes later at 1.47 pm, timmistral chimes in with another mention of John Palifox Key. Now subtract the time needed to read the first two posts, understand and compose a reply and timmistral must have found jongrantly’s post (quite by accident) no more than ten minutes after jongrantly submitted it. Does this mean collusion between jongrantly and timmistral? Perhaps not.

The fourth post, 1764.4 does not say much but it is pretty soon after the third, at 2pm. Now presuming that apacheunger, jongrantly and timmistral are truly professionals of some kind, all three were posting and scanning material in the early afternoon of a Thursday, at time when you might expect professionals to be at work or on a lunch break and possibly away from their desks.

Just to emphasise the short period in which these foundations posts were submitted, the fifth post 1763.5 comes from an anonymous poster with an email name of mrsvinny, two hours and thirty six minutes after the fourth. She supports the idea of portals.

If an hour or so had passed between the first post by apacheunger and jongrantly, and another hour or so between jongrantly and timmistral, I would not suspect collusion. But they are a little too close together. The fifth post comes more than two hours after the fourth, and there is nothing more until the next morning.

The fact that the first four posts are so close together in time makes me think the entire thing was a set up.

Now look at the dates that apacheunger, timmistral and jongrantly made their accounts. Apacheunger made her account on 7 June 2001, the day she posted her story. That's OK, but timmistral had been on the site only three weeks and jongrantly barely 9 days, though he said "two weeks or so".

Did they make accounts just so they could set this thing up?


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I’ll pass over the next few posts until 1764.14 where apacheunger “explains” to joaynward what road she was on. Now I don’t know the area, I have never been to the USA, let alone Michigan but looking closely at Google Earth the most direct route from Hillman to Michigan Highway 33 runs pretty well due west on County Road 624. Rush Lake Road exists, it runs up to some buildings on the eastern side of Rush Lake lake but stops at the stream on the north eastern tip of the lake. Both Rush Lake and 624 are sealed, not gravel.

Clear Lake is right beside Highway 33, just over 600 feet to the west of it. In between are Sharon Street and Kolar Drive, names that you might have seen posted on the thread. A bit further to the west is Durkee Drive. And just about 9 miles south of Clear Lake is the small community of Atlanta, Michigan and Atlanta is another name that will turn up again.

It’s true that you can get from Hillman to Michigan Highway 33 by skirting around well to the north of Rush Lake, but I’d hardly call it a short cut. So apacheunger is very unclear about which road she was on.

Further muddle is introduced by apacheunger at 1764.14 where she claims that jongrantly emailed her that the portal was supposed to be on County Road 622, about 5 miles west of Canada Creek Dam. County Road 622 is not five miles long, after a little over 2.5 miles there is a fork in the road and the names of the roads change. In addition, that's on the west side of Michigan Highway 33. So it's all very unclear about where she was. This is "explained" by supposing they the portals move about and are not always in the same place.

That's very convenient if no sign of these portals is ever found, you can always claim the searchers were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

More geography and names

At 1764.24 timmistral tells us that he read the John Palifox Key manuscript once at Boston University and promotes his little conspiracy story again. At 1764.33 we learn that Mr Key was from Atlanta, Georgia and a copy of his manuscript is supposed to be in a library of Emory University. Now here’s a coincidence. There seems to have been a portal in DeKalb County near Atlanta, Georgia, and another in Montmorency County near Atlanta, Michigan.

Another geographical coincidence. Not terribly far from Emory University is Palifox Drive North East, a street of ordinary housing. The next street to the north is Ponce de Leon Manor. Didn’t Ponce de Leon go looking for the fountain of youth? What about timmistrals story of the boys who never age? Who was Palifox anyway? He was an hero of the Spanish resistance to the invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Now, about some of the names of some of the posters further down the thread. Kolar and Durkee are the names of streets near Clear Lake in Michigan. Old postings on “Creative Loafing Atlanta” have a person claiming to be 79 years old who identified himself as Jon Grantly”. Atlanta again? Hmm.

Are these geographical relations just coincidence or did somebody use names picked up from road maps and phone books?

The manuscript, or was it a book?

Forward to posts 1764.36 and 1764.37, timmistral again. He claims in 1764.36 that he’s read the manuscript in a Boston library “a couple of times” which is more than the once he claims in 1764.24 and repeats his little conspiracy claim about (French) government agents removing the book from circulation. In 1764.37 he tells us about his little story about the Breton French boys who never age. Their names were Joel and Patrick.

Another thing. This manuscript, now called “Proofs of My Return” is supposed to have been readily available in various university libraries and rare book shops until about eight years before, that would be sometime around 1992 - 94. Yet it was a manuscript, which implies a single copy, not a printed book with several hundred copies. Further down the thread, we learn that “Proofs of My Return” was originally a dissertation supposedly presented to Emory University by the supposed J. P Key. If the manuscript was submitted to Emory University, what was it doing at Boston University? Was it a manuscript or a printed book, if it existed at all? Didn't Boston University tell SharonE5 that they had no record of the book?

Didn't jongrantly claim that the suppression of the book started in the 1970s, not the 1990s, in 1764.96, but at 1764.4 wrote that he didn't remember anyone "destroying copies of it"? Isn't that timmistral's version of the story? Did jongrantly forget he was not timmistral for a moment?

By post 1764.100, 1 August 2001 at least a few like SharonE5 have claimed to look for the book without success. Apacheunger at 1764.88 claimed her boyfriend has located a copy from Winnipeg, but then gets upset and leaves the forum. So she never describes it. Don't you think it is very strange that the two posters who initially claimed to have read the book or manuscript replied to her first post within 34 minutes, but nobody else can track down a copy after nearly two months? And in the years following, the few who do claim to have a copy go silent on various forums as soon as they say they have it. Isn't that odd?

Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. But the evidence here dissolves into muddle or dead ends.


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