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Criss Angel levitation explained


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Take the name Jennifer write it on your chest. walk around Vegas, ask any random guy to think of someone he cares about. If it's Jennifer show him your chest, film his reaction. Do this for three days, with cards, whatever. You will have plenty of reactions to film to get people to come to your shows. It's not even illusions, it's statistics.

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then please explain this :http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xaejod_mass-levitation-by-chris-angel_fun

I've seen him in Vegas doing his "street magic". He involves many actors and a lot of camera antics/film cuts. Still pretty cool.

He is an illusionist. Magic isn't real.

Here are some explanations of various tricks.


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wow great looking woman in your profile gif :) who is she ? thanks

Huh? Are you talking to me? What woman in my profile?



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So many diferent opinions about this topic. You cannot expect less with all the information available.

Things would be a lot simpler if we weren't trapped in this mind game that society has constucted. And when I speak of society I speak of every aspect of it.

Human kind is in fact a beeing of great power. What ever you truly make your mind believe, it will acheive.

Now Imagine if you were taught that since you were born and lived that filosofy. If thats not your case, were would you be at this moment if you truly believed that you acomplish you desires? Only you can respond to that question. The truth is that every human being has the power to creat something special and diferent. The only thing that matters is how your brain and beleif system is wiered. This topic alone will make the skeptics generate a milion reasons why this is all hocus pocus to justify their opinion. Or they will simply stay with there opinion and not make an effort to discover why they existe in the first place. That probably doesn,'t interest manny people but it sure does explain a whole lot when it comes to Criss Angles abilities.

To have a global perception of all this,

- Check out quantum fisics, (the film what the bleep do we know)

- how your mind works and the funcional diferences between the left/right brain, ( youtube: stroke of insight)

- some consipiricy theorists (not all of them) to see how the media and big corporations have been creating the world they want you to live in for there own benefits,

- the history and evolution of religons, why the christian bibal was edited.

- and look up the science of spirit

Things will make more scence with time if you allow it to.

To conclude, I think that Criss has his own share in all of this from big investors with alot of interest in him being exclusive. They dont want anybody to know how he does what he does so he leads people to believe that he and his crue are state of the art ilusionists. He does in fact do some ilusionism but that is to cover the truth. And I think that it's not of the interest of both religous and political societies to make people believe that they can do these things to because they would simply loose their power on us.

Why work or follow there rules if we could draw a hundred dollar bill and manifest it on the spot!

p.s. I'm not saying that just by believing you will suddenly be able to do these things(not even close). We all have to much subconcience baggage that will not allow it. But we can start freeing our minds and live a life that we want for ourselves.

p.s.s. I didn't write this ofend anybody in any way. :tu:

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I think Criss levitates by whispering his name and floating on the extra S.

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guys u have all got it wrong... :yes:

maybe there seems be many tricks or illusions in his pefromances,and maybe some of them are real tricks...

BUT that doesnt mean he cant do it by himself without tricks...

levitation is real and criss can do it...

right now im not quite sure if criss can really predict something,but maybe he can control your mind :)

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