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Campden, Canada ON, 1998, 12:30am

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Submitted By Doug Smith

I had just finished my homework and was getting ready for bed. It was about 12:30 am. I looked up to see the stars since it was a beautiful clear night. I noticed what looked like a satellite. I had seen them many times before so I was familiar with what they looked like. It continued in a straight line fom NE to SW. Then, a light no brighter than the satellite, joined up with it. It then accelerated forward ahead of it, stopped instantaneously, and then backed up. I looked back to the sky. It then began circling around the satellite in a pattern that to me seemed out of our time frame. It moved very fast and stopped suddenly a few times before slowing and allowing the satellite to continue on. It then accelerated off to the right of the satellite path at an astonishing speed and disappeared.

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