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Hertfordshire, England, 25th Dec 1997, 5:30am

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Submitted By Martin Harrow

I was driving down the A12 when I got to a bridge section I noticed a bright orange light @ 3ft in height and round like a hat but no brim. It was wider at the top that the bottom so triangular looking. There was brighter white lights coming from it and it hovered over the housing estate by the road. There was know other vehicles on the road at that time so I had slowed down to a crawl like pace. The object moved away from the houses so I new it was NOT a street lamp, the next thing I know is the road in front and around me is like daylight. I thought my the sun has come up quick, I carried on driving to work only to discover that I was late. The time on my time card said 7.34 am. I new that it did not take 2 hours to drive that distance.

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