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Christiany and its potential

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I am going to post on this board cause it is described as "Friendly discussion on religion and spirituality" and I don't want to create some sort of a battle. I am not religious at all, but I have been reading all the opinions of the anti-christian people here and damn, I feel somewhat compassionate towards the religious guys. I've learned many things on Christianity from reading the boards in here, and I thought "this Christianity thing can't be as damned as people paint it, there should be something good about it"

So my intention is to create a thread in which people could give me examples of historic people or just persons they know, that have given their life to follow Jesus's example, in a good way. I once read the biography of St. Francis and geez, I wonder how did he felt during this battle in which Christians were killing the Muslims. I guess he knew they were behaving the wrong way, it didn't take an intellectual to know that killing people is wrong.

I live in a third world country, so I am aware of all of the deeds that some priests are doing here to feed people that are literally dying of starvation. They go out to the "richer" parts of the country begging for money so that they can give food to their lovely brothers and sisters.

Also, I knew of a fray (i don't know if it is spelled that way, its below a priest), who built an orphanage and took in many street children to feed them and take care of them. That was some 40 years ago. He took in thousands of them. Now, the people he cared for, some are professionals and persons of good. They thank this fray for giving them the opportunity to become better human beings. He is now dead, but his example is still around.

I live rather comfortably, but I walk some 4 miles and I can get to places I guess many of the people on this boards have never seen in flesh. So that's why I say that some Christians in here have the right balls to go in there and feed those people, because I can't.

So I can't even imagine how a non-religious guy would have the passion to climb into those impoverished places and give their life to attend others.

Well, feel free to share examples of christians you know...

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