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Power Outage in London


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Needless to say, all the background on this has not as yet been developed or revealed. However, is it ME? Is this a coincidence? Hmmm?

Power Outage Brings London Trains to Halt

The Associated Press

LONDON (AP) - Power went out in parts of the capital and southeast England Thursday, bringing much of the London Underground and many regional trains to a halt during evening rush hour.

It was not immediately clear how widespread the outages were. London Electricity said power appeared to have gone out in parts of south London and Kent, a county southeast of the city.

A spokesman for the Underground said 60 percent of the subway system had been halted by the outage, including the majority of services in central London.

Workers were evacuating affected trains and stations. The outage came at the height of the evening rush hour, and news reports said many passengers werestuck underground.

London Underground said the problems were caused by a failure on the national power grid.

EDF Energy, which handles some power transmission for London, said it had lost electricity for large parts of south London.

``It's difficult to predict how long this is going to take,'' a spokesman said on condition of anonymity. ``National Grid has got to get the circuit back.''

A spokesman for the British Transport Police said the outage had affected all of south London's major overland train stations - Victoria, London Bridge, Waterloo - and halted all the area's main train lines.

``Some stations are in darkness and others have emergency lighting,'' he said.

08/28/03 14:36 EDT

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Jusrt to add to this, Birmingham New Street station was also out of power on Thursday morning. As I had to go to work and the trains were cancelled for a short while.

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Wow, that is scary! Seems too much of a coincidence to me. ohmy.gif

Al, I sure hope your boss understood your reason for being late.

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Thankfully for me, I was not late, as power was restored after only 1 hour, and they were able to send a train soon after. I got to work with about 5 mins to go.

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Thankfully for me, I was not late, as power was restored after only 1 hour...

ohmy.gif so you usually get to work an hour early Al. Thats pretty keen. tongue.gif

I've just got back this morning from New York, and so was unscathed by this blackout. cool.gif Wonder if Stuart got caught in it.


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Good for you Al. wink2.gif And I'm glad that the power was restored

so quickly. original.gif

Nice to see you back Tommy! I was wondering if you'd had any

trouble with the blackout in NY, since it was so widespread. ohmy.gif

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Hey KC. wavey.gif

We were very lucky actually. JFK airport still had trouble throughout the Saturday after the blackout, and flights were being delayed etc. But we flew in Sunday afternoon just as everything there was pretty much back to normal. cool.gif

The rental car place still had all their computers down however, which opened a whole new can of worms. rolleyes.gif

Great holiday though, I love going to the US. thumbsup.gif

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I have to start out about 2 hours before i have to be at work

And I get to work about 1/2 hours before I have to start, so i have enough time to sign in and get to my locker.

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