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Incorruptible Bodies

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I was posting this at Bizarre but I prefered here, cause maybe some people in here might already know a rational explanation to this really weird stuff, and can give me some insight on this.

I don't know if you are familiar with this stories of incorruptible bodies (bodies that don't decay even after decades of being buried). I have to accept that, if this was written in the Bible or something that old, I would totally dismiss it as something as impossible as the resurrection or stuff.

But to my surprise this corpses can be seen incorrupted nowadays throughout the world. I might prefer thinking this is just a hoax from the Catholic guys at Rome, but I've read they have been tons of witnesses at the exhumation of this bodies and some are pretty documented. So what do you think this could be? :hmm:


some info here

I would love if some really atheist skeptic scientists would go to a body of those and bring a portion of the saint's skin and analyze it. Or maybe X-ray or something...If it would turn to be really incorruptible, then damn, I would be completely confused :blink:

P.S. Sorry for the link if it doesn't work. Seems like fortean times only allows surfing its site for a couple of minutes or so...If you wanna learn just google "incorruptible bodies"

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Super Pancake

Maybe meditation before death.

I remember a documentary of uncorrupted tibetan buddhist monks. Long ago it was a muched practise belief if a Monk died while meditating his sacrifice would save the people of the land from famine. What happens if right before they sacrificed themselves they fasted and meditated, it would take day, weeks, maybe a month for them to finally take their last breath. As each day go by it seems like much of the chemicals that speed up the process of decay such as water/enzymes etc were somehow low. air also the monks would breath less and less everyday by taking shorter breaths some have been found with scarves nearly choking them to death.

But for the most part its thought to be just meditation for the monks. They have one monk who is 800+ years old looks very good for a mummy. Sadly there are few of these preserved buddhist monks, after the Tibetan monks were forced out of thier lands China had destroyed all the mummies along the tibetan mountains. The ones that have been found were in India, which the chinese could not reach, but like 90% or more of them are gone some might still exist its that we need to find them in like some cave or something.

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