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HAARP "black out"

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The error returned was:

Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken.

i know this is a problem.......

the blach out in USA CANADA - are also in georgien (UDSSR) also in ENGLAN....

the true can be HAARP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

douglas spalthoff

many regard to the : pentagon.....CIA.....FBI

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Hi Lavinia,

Is that an error you received on the forum ?

Also, what is 'HAARP', and how is it connected to the black outs ?

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Whats Up With HAARP?

A lesson in post-modern warfare

I am really getting kind of weary of the HAARP debate, and I thought seriously of deleting all these files, save for an official- looking stub page which looked, just ever so slightly, as if the U.S. Government had censored them. I still might do this, temporarily, just to stir things up a bit. It would be cool for Halloween.

The HAARP debate needs something. The positions have hardened, as I see it, into those opposed to science in general, and those who promote the kind of science in which we are morally and strategically obligated to try out anything that anyone, anywhere, has ever dreamed up. As a result, the most visible opponents are mostly New Age types who make sense until you find out that they got most of their scientific knowledge by channeling some space alien named Zyzak. The most visible proponents are mostly university employees, whose jobs depend on the steady flow of bucks for research boondoggles.

It's fun, but what's gotten lost here is the ionosphere, the last accessible part of our planet that we haven't been able to screw up somehow. Even if HAARP shut down tomorrow, the heating 'campaigns' would continue unabated, from comparable devices at EISCAT, SURA, Poker Flat and Arecibo. Several e-mailers wondered why I didn't state my own personal opinion on HAARP. OK, here goes:

I am on orders from the FCC to check out my 200-watt ham radio for RF hazards. There's a very real possibility that were I to use this radio, on 28 MHz, with the right kind of antenna, it would indeed be outside the safe limit for my neighbors, and I'd have to modify it. Meanwhile, some military/ industrial/ academic yuks, a lot of them the same guys who insisted that nuclear radiation was harmless, are building gigawatt space-heaters all over the world, and telling us that their beams are as safe as momma's milk. They're telling us that we won't even notice when they do auroral electrojet modification, or if/when they give the whole earth an MRI, or if/when they later on decide to control the electrical balance of our planet from a hardened room somewhere under Omaha, or if/when they greatly increase the efficiency of a communication system that's already been suspected of messing up cows in Wisconsin. Something doesn't compute here. I'm confused. I want to know what kind of photons the Air Force and Navy are sending through my body while I take my morning dump.

That's my opinion on HAARP. I'm not for it, and I'm not against it. I just want to see the numbers, but they're either missing, or they just don't add up. The pittance of data from EISCAT suggests that, yes, it works, perhaps even better than expected. Not exactly a warm fuzzy, and the respectable, mainstream media have continued to ignore the whole thing in favor of endless, weepy coverage of some dead princess. Too cool.

The Project

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

It's being assembled on a military base in Alaska, by the Air Force and the Navy. It has several parts, most interesting being the IRI, for Ionospheric Research Instrument. IRI is the largest HF radio transmitter ever built. It is designed to concentrate several megawatts into an intense beam of almost unimaginable strength, through miles of planar antenna arrays on the "short wave" band.

The IRI has been described as an "ionospheric heater," because its ultra-power waves cause this electrically charged region in our atmosphere to vibrate, and maybe even glow like the "Northern Lights." Some alarmists have called it a "death ray," because, even though safety is of great concern, hazards to birds and aircraft can never be eliminated entirely.

HAARP may or may not have unpredictable effects on the ozone, radio communication, and even the public health and safety. Some freqencies are in the ELF/VLF range, popularly (if often erroneously) associated with Nikola Tesla, nuclear subs, and UFOs. Wild stories of mind control and weather war on the Third World just won't stop. As always, the Government minimizes the hazard, quoting one study after another. They could be right. The people, however, have been lied to before, and they are skeptical.

The Birth of a Science

It started with SDI, the "Star Wars" era, when nothing was too far- fetched to investigate. Of course, it might go all the way back to the little-understood theories of Nikola Tesla, or the controversial work of Bernard Eastlund. Eastlund is the old-fashioned kind of physicist. He never saw a force of nature he didn't like, or want to control. While working for ARCO, he apparently sold the SDI crowd on the military uses of ultra-power radio beams, which could literally rearrange the earth's ionosphere.

The original Eastlund plan defies credibility. I don't know whether to believe my sources, so I'll offer it off-the-record. ARCO, as the story goes, needed a customer for North Slope natural gas, which is a byproduct of oil drilling. Eastlund described how this gas could be burned, creating electricity for an almost apocalyptic mega- HAARP that could alter the entire planet, and/or knock out missiles at extreme distances. Whew.

Other research, especially in Alaska, seemed to demonstrate that the ionosphere has a greater connection to thunderstorms than once believed. This gave increased credibility to claims that the Eastlund supermachine could modify the weather, anywhere in the hemisphere, at will, for better or worse.

Finally, there was the last, weird, gasp of the Cold War, in which stories of Russian psychic beams and time travel experiments circulated widely. One popular view was that the pulse rate of the USSR "woodpecker," a special HF radar for early warning of low- altitude attacks, had been chosen to interfere with brain waves, or to move the jet stream out of position. It's doubtful that the woodpecker was powerful enough to do either, but the idea persisted.

In any event, ionospheric research almost immediately shifted from the prediction of disturbances to their creation. These guys appeared to be in some kind of hurry. There was almost a desperation here, as in those old SF movies where the magnetosphere turns to lime jello or something, and the handsome, male lead has to save Mankind with some kind of experimental death-ray.

Smaller "heaters,", proto-HAARPs, all pretty awesome radio transmitters in their own right, popped up at universities and bases worldwide. Something must have worked. A few years back, construction began on The Big One. By then, ARCO had sold off its interests, and Eastlund had left the project. Air Force sources call him, "Nuts," but his Strangelovian shadow haunts HAARP to this day.

The hurry seems over now. HAARP has a very long time line. A prototype IRI has already been tested, and now it is being expanded, in sections, up to its promised gigawatts of effective power. So far, adverse effects have been minimal, but then we're still way below full rock 'n' roll.

HAARP works because the ionosphere, several electrically charged regions of the atmosphere 40 - 300 miles up, is not a simple reflector. Radio waves interact with it in complex ways, and if they are strong enough they can alter its structure. Even when there are no visible " Northern Lights" enormous currents flow, and can perhaps these can be modulated by HAARP's super-power pulsations. Thin air might become the biggest transmitter imaginable. Intense HF/LF/VLF/ELF waves might come back to earth. Radios and electrical devices might stop working in target zones. The atmosphere might shift and move in militarily useful ways. The ELF waves might penetrate water well enough to communicate with submarines, or they might detect tunnels hidden in the ground. Obviously, there's a lot for the military/ industrial/ academic establishment to investigate here.

It's fun to find unclassified papers on this subject. They're better SF than anything any writer could dream up. Like the various weirdnesses of particle physics, they're cutting-edge stuff, which can get very, very wiggy in a hurry.

Even so, the ionosphere remains distant and esoteric, and HAARP might have stayed in the closet forever. It was the environmental press that blew the whistle. Earth Island Journal of fall, 1994, ran the article that everyone still quotes. It points up the logical dangers, such as birds being killed flying into towers, and the more speculative ones, such as humans being injured by unforseen RF effects or communications disruptions. At the time, the usual people agreed and disagreed. There was a classic, and predictably short, "tree-hugger" debate, briefly catching the attention of Congress and the Utne Reader. As always, it went away. Or, at least, it seemed to.

The Tesla Connection

Two years ago, however, there came a researched, 230-page book titled Angels Don't Play This HAARP, which should be available from EarthPulse Press and other sources. The book, with its hundreds of cites and footnotes, is a great read, but it's best not to do it at bedtime. While reiterating the environmental objections, scary enough in themselves, the authors go on to argue that Eastlund has vindicated the mysterious, usually misunderstood, later work of Nikola Tesla.

Nobody's objective about Tesla. While he was contemporary with the other great inventors of our era, his vision was about a century ahead of theirs. Visionaries never have it easy, but Tesla had it worse than most. Though he lived well for a time, he died broke, while his inventions were in daily use worldwide. Some of Tesla's ideas were so advanced that they've been taken for black magic, or at least weird science, ever since.

This mythic tale of the exploited wizard, the visionary pariah, the lightning man, has hardwired Tesla into the post-modern consciousness. The legend grows yearly, as everyone projects their own, personal myths and fantasies into it. The Web is full of these, too numerous (or too weird) to list here. They make for great entertainment.

There's a core of truth to the Tesla mythos. His later work is not well understood. For example, the notorious Tesla Death Ray might have really been a particle beam idea that Tesla tried to sell the U.S. military as an anti-aircraft weapon. Such an idea was re- investigated for SDI. And conspiracy writers will never let us forget how some Tesla papers were taken by the Government right after Tesla's death in 1943.

The real HAARP - Tesla connection, however, comes from another great notion. This was the global, wireless transmission of electrical power. Tesla, after all, pioneered high-power RF work. He couldn't just call up Continental Transmitters and order up a few megawatts. He had to invent the radio first. Marconi used 14 of his patents, as later proven in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Tesla's RF oscillators, mostly evolved from the " Tesla coil" so loved by science teachers, are still not understood. But any school kid knows the problem with wireless anything. It's the inverse square law. A simple, Godzilla-size coil just blasting away will cause a nice light show, possibly fry its operators, certainly make as much RF as Marconi's early stuff, but Mom out in Denver still won't get enough juice to make toast. It's simple physics.

Supposedly, Tesla planned to get around this by using the Earth as a huge, resonant system, probably at an ELF rate. His writings contain references to "The Terrestrial Stationary Waves," a resonant excitation of the ground, the magnetosphere, or even the 'waveguide' between the two. Tesla boasted that he'd done this on a trial scale, using super-power "Magnifying Transformers" like the ones in Colorado.

Building upon this theory, Tesla proposed his "World System," around 1901. It sounded more like 2001. Specifically, Tesla anticipated VLF global navigation, radar, ELF submarine communication, Morse telegraphy with ships at sea, multiplexing, remotely controlled weapons, and pretty much the rest of our terrestrial, post-modern technosphere.

Would the "Terrestrial Stationary Waves" have worked? We won't know any time soon. The global broadcasting ideas attracted financial backing, but after Marconi the money ran out. The great tower at Wardenclyffe was dynamited for scrap. Resonant ELF became one of those engineer's dreams; a technological road not taken.

Not taken, at least, until HAARP, if one believes the Angels authors. This is one scary book. Whether it's a warning or just a rant, it invokes the wildest story of all. This is that perennial conspiracy theory, the one that says how wireless power distribution actually worked too well, with apocalyptic consequences. It's one of those great, unprovable, Frankenstein tales, part anti-government paranoia, part fear of science, part sheer faith. And, since Eastlund was known to talk as big as Tesla, the connection was inevitable.

Compared to Eastlund's unbuilt flamethrower, HAARP is a weenie roast, but the Angels authors seem to find evidence that it's close enough for a very nice test. And then, of course, they might build the real thing.........

The Debate Widens

True or false, the notion that a bunch of SDI spooks are building an Alaskan doom machine has made HAARP the biggest thing to hit the paranormal/ UFO scene since Roswell. Most people who've heard about it at all know from the Angels authors' appearances on FOX. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not much better as far as mainstream credibility is concerned.

But even without Tesla and the Zetas, HAARP makes people nervous. We only have one atmosphere. Not everyone is sure that it should be trusted to the same Government which once deliberately irradiated the American public, and slipped LSD to unwitting strangers, all in the name of national security.

Alaskans, who have to live next to this thing, were the first to get scared. It started among radio hams, environmental cognoscenti, and anyone else who became a little uneasy about the Pentagon re- arranging their molecules for them. Out of this came a real, no- hidden-agenda, grass roots group, NO HAARP. The name explains the purpose. Their website has an order form for the Angels book, and some interesting documents.

As part of the Government's P.R. counterattack, HAARP got a lively, attractive web page. Check it out. It's fun, and it has some cool photos. No radio freak can resist all this neat, vaguely adolescent, hardware, definitely The Boy Inventor at work. Apparently, HAARP's boy scouts are all out to serve Science and Truth. If a military application really does come along, so much the better.

Here, I'm willing to keep an open mind. Maybe they're right. Insiders became uneasy, though, after one "anonymous source" talked too much. He was widely quoted that HAARP is the perfect cover for "black" projects. This, of course, is true. It's also true for the space shuttle, and just about anything else the Feds spend our taxes on. That doesn't necessarily make it moral, but it does make it business as usual. Therefore, any such assertion is basically meaningless. The story would most likely have again gone away, had there not been a bigger problem.

The Real Problem

The real problem with HAARP is the news blackout. If we are to believe that HAARP is harmless science, why isn't it being reported like it? Why isn't it being reported at all?

Think about it. If the military was spending billions of your dollars to create hurricanes, there'd be the biggest fuss since OJ, right? But have you seen a word about HAARP, a different sort of storm that happens to be 50 miles up, in your papers?

Of course not, unless you're one of the terrified citizens living nearby, in which case you've read the Government P.R.. Notice that these are not exactly probing, investigative pieces. In the real world, HAARP makes the Ten Most Censored Stories list again and again. What's up?

I'm not anti-HAARP. I'm pro-knowledge. If we're gonna screw with the only atmosphere we're ever gonna have, why has the whole public debate been marginalized into the conspiracy, UFO, apocalypse and millennium press? Could it be that these are not considered dangerous, and so their loopy rhetoric gives the masses an illusion of free speech?

Until HAARP leaves the closet, prudent Americans will once again assume the worst. As word spreads, through alternative channels, millions will once again decide that their Government intends to hurt them, in secret, WHETHER OR NOT THIS IS TRUE.

Get Informed. Decide Yourself.

We live in the post-modern era. The struggle for truth is not in the streets but in the media, and the only way to get HAARP out of the closet is to get it onto the news. Business as usual equals abandonment. The corporate Nooz vendors will placate us with their celebrity sludge, and we'll never see the new Manhattan Project burning up our sky until whatever's supposed to happen, happens.

HAARP is as important as Hillary, and it should be in our faces as much. It's the future. Our country deserves a public debate. Read up, as much as they'll let you, and scream until we get one.

Other Facilities:

HAARP is only the best-known part of what's become one of the largest research initiatives ever. It's not as big as particle physics, but it's coming up fast. No, I do not know why.

Poker Flat Research Range

One would have to consider this the 'Area 51' of ionospheric studies, though it lacks the secrecy of "Dreamland." It's a massive base in Alaska, not that far from HAARP's Gakona location. They launch rockets, take pictures, build all manner of instruments, send up all manner of photons, you name it. Your taxes at work.


This was my first inkling that something big was up, when some fellow hams from UCLA went north to build this proto-HAARP. Stands for HIgh-Power Auroral Stimulation. It's a smaller heater, and it works.

Red Sprites And Blue Jets

This phenomenon, considered a key discovery, made largely by our good folks at Poker Flat, indicates that there is indeed a poorly understood connection between weather and the ionosphere.

Arecibo Astronomy & Ionosphere Center

This facility, of SETI fame, has the third U.S. heater, located near the famous radiotelescope. It has been operating for several years. I don't know why it has such a low latitude, in Puerto Rico, unless it's to investigate the 'equatorial ring current,' a related electrical flow in lower magnetic latitudes.


EISCAT, an English acronym for European Incoherent SCATter, is a huge association of research interests in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, France, the UK and Germany. It operates large, powerful, world-class ionospheric facilities throughout northern Scandinavia. These include several VHF/UHF incoherent scatter radars, which also irradiate the ionosphere, and the world's largest heater.

The Tromso heating facility

This super-power transmitter will ultimately be larger than anything planned at HAARP. It has been operating for quite a while, on several frequencies between 4 and 8 MHz. The freqs are listed, if anyone wants to listen to them. There's a little data available here, showing that heating works, and some weak secondary RF does come out. 4th European Heating Seminar Another clue to how big this field is getting, with abstracts on work being done worldwide. There was a 5th seminar held in spring of 1997. Leicester University


This is a large, world-class heater, with erp in the hundreds of megawatts, in Siberia. It's been operating for some time. This answers the question, "What happens if THEY build a HAARP?" The answer is, "THEY let US use it, and WE photograph the pretty glow in the sky!" Artificial Airglow from High Power Radio Waves

Who needs MIR? Ionospheric Modification with High Power Radio Waves

Wanna do a post-doc? (Only US citizens need apply...)

NASA's Official CRRES Press Release

Stood for Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite. This program did various types of ionospheric modification, which are detailed here. The best-publicized one was the chemical release, which actually made the sky light up. Makes you proud to be paying taxes in America... The Tethered Satellite System (TSS) You remember this loopy Space Shuttle experiment. The goal was to reel out a wire several km long, with a satellite at the end that looked like something out of a 50s SF flick, so the whole affair could pass through the F-region at orbital velocity. The first time, the winch jammed. The second time, they got too much Faraday current and fried the wire, which broke, damn near hitting the shuttle and causing damage far worse than anything MIR has suffered. Well, guess what? One of the 12 experiments on board was an attempt to broadcast ELF from space, while another was to study low-frequency RF from the disturbed ionosphere. Sigh.

Fast Auroral SnapshoT Explorer

A project of UC Berkeley, GSFC, and good old UCLA, to study the electrojets and ELF waves Recent Projects at ARL Typical university grantsmanship, with some good theory, by a department at Penn State heavily involved with HAARP TIPPS Stands for Trans-Ionospheric Pulse PairS. These are striking, unexplained VHF sweeps recently discovered by the Blackbeard RF experiment on the Los Alamos National Lab's ALEXIS satellite. Note that the weekly WWW bulletins stopped right about when the lightning link was discounted. Could they have taken the project 'black?'

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You should either summarize the article, or simply post a link to the website which you copied/pasted it from.

This link takes you to the website in question.

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the government some times really p***es me off, they experiment with technologies that will harm mankind, and is getting us no where as a species, why not put all of that scientific research power to somthing usfull like curring cancer, alternat forms of space travle (warp drive grin2.gif), alternate power sources(other then oil) etc....How the hell is some high energy EM wave experiment helping us, i dont think they should be experimenting with it unless they know the health sideffects on the general public (the probably do, and they are probably negitive, but what do they care), it seems all these discoveries and inventions comming from the american government are weapons or somthing that protects against weapons, that not what the world needs... disgust.gif

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Re: the blackouts.

If you study the market you will notice that a blackout causes the price of electricity to shoot up. Now 70% of world energy systems are privatised (big thanks to the IMF/world bank/wto for pressing everyone into that ...not rolleyes.gif ) the power supply is floating on the free market. Its all on supply and demand - the less there is the more expensive it gets. The power companies make billions by cutting back maintenance costs on thier lines etc which causes blackouts. For a few days after a blackout the cost per unit can go up by as much as 1000%

Thats why there are blackouts happening all over the world these days sad.gif

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