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The following are the results of this season's UM debates so far:

Should Young Offenders be Tried as Adults?

Beckys_Mom (33.6) [W] vs Glacies (30)

Bible- Promoting Inequality & Discrimination?

Paranoid Android (32.3) [W] vs Sherri Berri (29.9)

The Existance of Free Will

Glacies (32.3) [W] vs raddbj03 (28)

Does True Love Exist

Yelekiah (35)[W] vs Aquatus1 (34.6)

Pro's and Con's of Legalising Cannabis

Toofargone(35.6) [W] vs joc(34.6)

Euthanasia- Should it be Legal?

Kratos (37) vs Bone Collector (37) [D]

Collapse of the WTC

aquatus1 (37.3) [W]vs Sunofone (28.3)

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Debate League Results:

Evolution vs Creationism

Frogfish (33.6) [W] vs abecrombi (25.6)

The Death Penalty- Right or Wrong?

Paranoid Android (35.6) [W] vs et's daddy (21.3)

Nuclear energy-Is it worth the risk?!

Subtemperate (36) [W] vs UA (34.3)

Beauty: skin deep versus stitch deep?

Glacies(31.6) [W] vs Neo2005 (30.3)

Piaget, the theory of development

JohnnyBoyC [DQ] vs Kryso [W]

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