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US "Christian" Fanatics on a warpath again...

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Published: Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bylined to: Oscar Heck

US "Christian" fanatics on a warpath again... but does God trust them?

VHeadline.com commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Some US "Christian" fanatics are on a warpath again ... as is so often the case in recent times (the last 2000 years!). Anti-homosexuality, anti-abortion, anti-women, anti-witch, anti-Muslim, anti-Native (savages in those days!), anti-m********ion, anti-this, anti-that (but pro-war! pro-burn-them-at-the-stake!) ... and now, of course, anti-Chavez. These "God"-loving humans appear to "love" a god which has rather twisted ideas about life, about the truth and about reality ... about humanity and about humanism.

Their god evidently doesn't believe in the enhancement of the lives of others, unless they are, of course, "Americans" or "American" wanabees ... or "American" worshipers.

"In God We Trust" ... but does God trust them?

A recent Reuters article reads: "A conservative religious group protesting the anti-U.S. criticisms of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is urging drivers to steer clear of gasoline sold by CITGO Petroleum Corp., the organization's chairman said on Wednesday. The American Family Association launched the boycott of CITGO, the U.S. refining and marketing branch of Venezuela's national oil company PDVSA, in an attempt to cut oil revenue flowing to the Venezuelan government of Chavez, which has been a harsh critic of U.S. President Bush. 'It doesn't make sense to purchase gasoline from a country that wants to bring down the U.S. government,' AFA Chairman Donald Wildmon told Reuters in a telephone interview from the organization's Tupelo, Mississippi, headquarters.

To read more: http://www.vheadline.com/readnews.asp?id=48134

Skipped to end of article:

If Wildmon and his followers are true Christians, they would support Chavez and promote his works rather than talk or act against him like warmongering Bush-adoring zombies repeating, over and over:

"Our daddy who art in the White House,

Hallowed by thy name

Thy empire come

Thy will be done on earth

As it is in Washington

Give us today our daily weapons

And forgive us of our crimes

As we pretend to forgive the crimes of others

And lead us always into temptation

And deliver us not from any evil

For thine is the Kingdom

And the power and the glory

Forever and ever


If Christ were here on earth today, he would probably say something to the effect of "Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing."

Lol funny prayer. Who knows thats probably want most Bush Lovers say everynight. Yea I'll admit I dont know. But it sure is funny.

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With all this crap from http://www.vheadline.com, I kind of really want someone to just assassinate Chavez.

The US isn't going to war with them any time soon, regardless of what the loonie says.

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no. while logistically talking making war in Venezula is far more easy than invading Iraq or Siria, in this moment the USA armed forces are over-extended, and if they invade they will find a fierce oposition from the low income population, and general international oposition. I think, and its my personal opinion based in past USA politics towards the rest of the continent, that the USA will keep whit a low profile publicity campgain triying to make Chavez look like a "very dangerous terrorist", and maybe give some support to a coup by upper-middle bussinessman/oligarch groups like the last failed one.

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