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Cuba ties put "cartoonish" violence

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Feb. 10, 2006 7:48

Cuba ties put 'cartoonish' violence near U.S. shores


If life were a football game, we'd be commending Muslims for an artful fake.

While half the Muslim world was rioting in reaction to a few unremarkable cartoons — thanks to the fancy footwork of the anti-West Muslim Brotherhood — nuclear-minded Iran was making new kissy sounds with head cheerleader Fidel Castro.

In a little-noticed news item the same week as the riots, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accepted an invitation to visit Cuba in September to show gratitude for Castro's support of Iran's nuclear program. A few days earlier, Cuba, Venezuela and Syria had voted against the International Atomic Energy Agency's resolution to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear program.

It is gratifying to see rogue states engaged in a group hug choreographed around the shared goal of bringing the United States to its knees, while sane nations busy themselves with debates about the ethics of publishing political cartoons.

While the Cuba visit itself may be of little consequence, the invitation offers a reminder that our Cuban neighbor is ceaselessly working to pursue anti-American foreign policy. It also offers a heads-up that Iran's nuclear aspirations may as well be Cuba's.

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What's the source for this?

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Someone started a thread on how people think the new world alignments might fall.

This adds to my propostion that it would be:

Paciific Union and European Union vs African Islamic Alliance and South American Alliance.

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isnt if funny how Cuba allways makes big headlines, but the USs plans for Cuba after Castro is much more terrafing. They want to hand over land that are currently in the hands of Cubans, to big US companies.

And impose a new pupet government.


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