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Insane government technology

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has anyone heard of these alleged things?

1. the disk that records every song ,movie,TV show, and video game?

2. The "universal sattelite"?

3. anthrax bullets?

3. photon? ( the star wars type guns)

4. super computer?

5. government created alien?

6. wrist watch sized video phone?

which do you think is the most true?

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2.what do you mean?

3.I have heard of anthrax shells but not bullets, im sure they can be build

4.well the photon has been around for the last 15 billion years, but im sure you ment photonic torpedos whish is an antimatter/matter bomb, whish i dont think they have designed a way to mass produce antimatter, or did you mean phaser whish i think is like a beam of plasma which they probably dont have because it would consume alot of power more then can be put into somthinf handheld

5. of course they have had super computers for the last 50 years, i think the most powerfull is in japan used for calculating weather patterns

6.if they were created by the government on terra, they would not be alians would they?

they are all probably true accept for the alien one and the star trek one

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I have heard of ALL those things....I guess you can hear ANYTHING...but I would say that where there is so much smoke...there must be at least SOME fire sad.gif

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1. no, but i imagine allmost everything is archived somewhere. I guess tho u are refering to one centalised government computer system... well, its probably plausible to a degree

2. yeah, what do you mean? a satelite that doesnt need alignment? that can transmit to the other side of the globe without boucing off others? doubt it, they use satelite networks up there..

3.anthrax doesnt kill instantly, so i dont know why they would bother

3 (again). urm, dunno

4. of course they have some stupidly phat supercomputers

5. wouldnt be suprised if they are playing around with all kinds of genetic engineering projects

6. yep, stuff like this is definitly availiable. they will be in the shops in the next couple of years! (so this one is the MOST true i guess)

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