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Canadian general set to take command

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Canadian general set to take command in Kandahar

A Canadian general arrived near Kandahar, Afghanistan on Wednesday, where he's set to lead the coalition forces for southern Afghanistan.

Brig. Gen. David Fraser says the main goal of his mission is to help Afghans rebuild their country. But he says Canadian troops are also in Afghanistan to hunt down the Taliban and al-Qaeda militants who have been waging a violent campaign.

"We're going to go out there and take the fight to them," Fraser said on arrival at the Kandahar airport. "But not just from a kinetic point of view. We'll be going out there and helping build governance so the governors can do what they need to do."

That means building schools and sewers in the cities as well as hunting militants in the mountains.

Fraser takes command of the Provincial Reconstruction Team next month.

Canada's military presence around Kandahar has been ramped up this month to about 2,000 personnel.

The mission is to improve security in southern Afghanistan, and play a key role in the transition from a U.S.-led coalition of forces to a force led by NATO.

Fraser says the forces are well equipped, well trained and ready to put an end to the militants operating in southern Afghanistan.

Canadian troops have already been attacked in the dangerous region. In January, Canadian diplomat Glyn Berry was killed and three soldiers serious wounded in a suicide attack on their convoy.



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