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[Update] UM Updates Progress


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This thread will outline the progress of the series of updates being implemented to Unexplained Mysteries over the next few weeks.

A list of changes and additions will be posted here for each stage of the update process.

Comments and suggestions are welcome throughout:

Suggestions and Comments Thread

Although I will consider all suggested additions to the site, I cannot take on board every one of them. Thanks to everyone who has posted their ideas and thoughts so far, I can confirm that although not all of them will be used, quite a few of them will be.

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The first stage of updates for UM 8 are now live on the site, almost all of them relate to the main front page and associated sections. This is the first stage in several which will see all areas of the site updated over the coming weeks.

The following changes have been implemented for stage 1:


- Main site header graphic, icons and design updated

- Left and right hand menu headers updated

- Main page intro and search box layout changed

- News titles moved so that they fit better without text wrapping

- Improved support for various screen resolutions, including 800x600

- Improved support for Firefox browser


- News articles now display time at which they were posted

- Search results include more detailed time/date information

- Search box added to article view

- Site Help/FAQ section added to main site. This features an extensive resource of answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to the site, forum and blog. This is aimed to replace the pinned topics that were used previously in the support forum.

Site Speed/Efficiency

- Site news search feature refined to produce much faster results and use less queries, average news search time now up to ten times faster.

- Added page generation time footnote

Bug fixes

- News search results pagination system now works properly

- Fixed a bug where an error would occur if no search terms were entered

Look out for stage 2, which will feature improvements to the columns, site polls, news archive and a new site debate area, coming up soon.

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The following changes have been implemented for the first part of stage 2:


- News category 'Metaphysics and Astrology' is now 'Metaphysics and Psychology'

- Column Index section updated with a new column selector and improved design

- Column article view page has been updated, includes it's own column selector box

- Column articles will now be posted on the front page news when submitted

- Columnist FAQ and other column related features updated

Site Speed/Efficiency

- Improved main page database queries to help it load faster

- Removed old style news category icons

A new main page 'debates' area will be making an appearance by next week at the latest.

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The following changes have been implemented for the second part of stage 2:


- New 'Debates' section added to main site, covers the forum debates and lists recent debates

- New Debates FAQ section added to cover all questions relating to the debates

Our new debates league will be starting soon, for more details head along to the debates board.

With stage 2 coming to a close, work will soon be beginning on stage 3, the main forum updates.

More information will be posted in this thread soon.

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