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El Cupacabra

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The mystery of El Chupacabra (The goat sucker) has been with us since the early 1990's, when a number of goats in Puerto Rico were found drained of blood. El Chupacabra is perhaps one of the strangest cryptids around due to a number of things. Firstly, its method of feeding where it drains all the blood of its prey leaving just two small puncture wounds.Their has also been rare instances when its prey internal organs are also missing, as though they have been turned to liquid and drained along with the blood. Although thousands of livestock have been killed in this manner only a handful of sightings have occurred. The most common description is that of a 3-5 foot biped that looks strikingly simillar to the grey aliens, except for a row of spines along its back, glowing eyes and fangs. There has of course been some sighting that are completely different, for instance some describe a more large cat or dog like creature that are furless or have spines. Other oddities about the creature is that it can fly or at least glide short distances, and that it can give off a sulphuric like stench.

The mystery of El Chupcabras originates from Puerto Rico, where even after about 15 years the creatures name strikes fear into many of its inhabitants. But it seems that the goat suckers attacks are now not limited to Puerto Rico, as much of South America as well as the southern USA have had visits by El Chupacabra. So it seems it could be multiplying whatever it may be.

What I and many other people want to know is whatis El Chupacabra, and where does it come from? Their are a number of theories, the most common being that it is some kind of alien. This would explain the fact it bears no resemblance to any earthly creature be it past or present. Plus during the 1970's at the time of a spate of UFO sighting there were reported cattle deaths simillar to those of EL Chupacabra. This earlier creature was named the Moca vampire, could they be one and the same. Another idea is that it is an experiment gone wrong an either escaped or was released by the US goverment. But do we really have the technology to create such a creature, especially when it has only been recently when we have even been able to clone and gene-splice to an extent.

Or could El Chupacabra be something more natural such as a known or unknown animal, if so it would be the most bizarre animal to have ever evolved on Earth. Many skeptics tend to lean toward it being a pack of wild dogs or an escaped big cat, these would stand up better it the inflicted wounds bore any semblance to an attack by such animals. The least probable theory proposed by skeptics is that El Chupacabra has been invented by the Puerto Ricans to increase tourism, as i doubt they would kill there own live-stock to fuel the story, also if this was the case surely someone would have broken there silence by now.

Whatever El Chupacabra is it would be an amazing discovery, unfortunatly due to the nature of the beast it makes it an extremely difficult task in even knowing where to begin. This is not helped by the number of theories surrounding it, bringing togther both ufology and cryptozoology but neither side seem to get they far in there investigations except for maybe a new attack on report, or a new vague sighting.

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