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The Velikovsky theory: Part one

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The skies rained fire and rock. The earth shook, entire mountain ranges collapsed into the seas. The oceans flooded the world. The sun was gone, the moon too. All people could see was a ball of fire covering the sky until the clouds covered everything in darkness. The plants began to die, the animals began to die and people began to die. While this sounds like a description of the end of the world, it actually happened according to Immanuel Velikovsky. The planet Venus, before settling into its present orbit, was actually a comet. After being ejected from Jupiter it began circling through the solar system on a path of destruction. It passed by Mars sucking the atmosphere from the planet and killing whatever life was there. Then it came back around and passed Earth.

The ancients could see it coming. Only they didn't know what to expect. As Venus came close to Earth it got stuck in our gravitational pull. From the tail of Venus debris started to rain down on Earth. Rock and fire would come down like the rain leaving a path of destruction wherever it went. The pull of gravity from such a large body put a stress on the Earth mankind had never seen before. Earthquakes and volcano eruptions were a worldwide phenomenon. The oceans had a high tide of four kilometers, drowning the world. Then the clouds of dust and ash began to cover the skies blocking out all light leaving the Earth in darkness.

Now I know what you're saying. This has to be impossible, if something like that happened we'd all be dead there wouldn't be anything left. I imagine it was pretty close. Yet we find these stories in the record of every major civilization that survived. The Hindus, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Babylonians, the Chinese, the Native Americans, the Russians, the Polynesians, and the Hebrews. That's just the major civilizations. However using the timeline they provided Velikovsky even knew when it happened, 1,500 BC.

This event is where the fear of comets came from. The ancients had survived widespread destruction at the hands of one of the largest comets probably in existence. They knew that destruction came from the skies and they were watching for it to come back. It did. Fifty-two years later Venus came by again and luckily for us not quite as close. I cannot imagine mankind surviving such a close passage twice in a row. The second time there was widespread destruction but not at the same level as the first time.

To back up his theory Velikovsky made a variety of predictions that would have to happen in order for his theory to be plausible. 1- Magnetic planetary fields, proven. 2- The negative charge of the Sun, proven. 3- Venus had to have a high planetary temperature, proven. 4- Venus had to be covered in hydrocarbon clouds, proven. 5-Venus had to have an odd orbit, proven. 6- Jupiter had to have radio emissions, proven.

I think by now fifty years after his book, Worlds in Collision, came out its time to reconsider the theories of Velikovsky. More and more evidence is constantly coming out that does nothing but support him and he has never been proven wrong.

Next month I'll continue the Velikovsky Theory and go into Mars and its close path to Earth in 800 BC. Next week I’ll be covering The Truth About Ghosts. What are they, where are they from and what is the truth.

My Recommend List:

One of my features here will be a quick look into my favorite stuff so you can get an idea of who I am and maybe try something new yourself.

Recommended Comic: The Books of Magick: Life in Wartime. This has got to be one of the best new comics around and completely redeems the entire Books of Magick storyline. Go pick an issue up.

Recommended Book: Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler. This is one of my favorite writers. He always takes one of histories oddities and then weaves them into his stories. Always a great read.

Recommended Movie: Pi. This is just a great movie all about mathematics and the Torah. Trust me it's better than it sounds.

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It seems to me that the impact and exit event hypothesis takes Velikovsky's theory and (through the use of technological advances over the past 15 years) builds on it. Although differing in the original cause of the catastrophe(s) which engulfed Earth referenced within his books, the impact and exit event largely supports the historical, mythical and geological evidence put forward by Velikovsky. The main difference is what initiated the 'cosmic upheaval' - as he put it.

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God one UM-Bot, always been fascinated by Velikovsky but never had the time to hunt him down in the book shops, just relied on articles and social conversations...

But still, 1500 BC? Surely it had to be way before that timeline, if not then the Universe as we currently understand it has to be updated...

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Been many years since I read Worlds In Collision. Looks like I need to put it on my re-read list. I think I remember it saying something about a shift in the Earth's axis and changes in the Earth's climate as a result. Can vaguely remember the Venus as a comet theory.

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