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human DNA

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last year i remember having a very intense dream about a nuclear apocalypse which i survived. Wheni came out from my hiding place in africa i remember most of the worlds population had been wiped out, but there were a few tribes of survivors. This is the odd bit; on visiting these tribes i was shocked to find that they had no heads - instead they just had a big DNA spiral coming off thier shoulders?!!?! The theme to this part of the dream was all about human evolution but i cannot remember the details.

There was lots more to this dream but i remember it stayed with me for a few days and gave me a really bad headache for a couple of days too - as some of my more intense dreams do.

Anyways, to the point: i read somwhere very briefly that some children are being born with a third strand (or was it a helix?) of DNA instead of the usual two. Aparently this is going on, but the scientific community is trying to keep it under wraps untill they know more

Does anyone know anything about this? and can anyone tell me a little about DNA as i know virtually nothing about it! whistling2.gif


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