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JFK Assassination


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Perhaps known as one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has for years intrigued scholars, authors and the average American citizen. The assassination can be classified into two distinct categories: method and significance. Few would argue that too much emphasis has been given to the method and very little to the significance. This is exactly how the perpetrators would like it to be. Photographic evidence along with eyewitness testimony has already conclusively proven that JFK was shot by more than one assassin. The Mary Mormon photo clearly shows the profile of a shooter behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. It is obviously someone wearing a policeman's uniform {some speculate it was J.D. Tippit}. This was the fatal head shot. Two other bullets struck the President; the first one entered at the base of the throat and the second struck him in the back. While the positions of the assassins makes for a good game of clue, the more important issue is the significance of the assassination.

Many have speculated that the former Soviet Union, Cuba, the KKK, the Mafia, LBJ, CIA and the FBI all had strong motives to attempt this. However, given the connection of Lee Harvey Oswald to the CIA and Jack Ruby to the Mafia along with the altered autopsy reports, the evidence points to a coup de' dat by the CIA. They did it because they believed JFK was taking the United States on the wrong path towards dealing with communism. That is the reason why the cover-up has been sustained for so long. The perpetrators honestly believed they were doing the right thing for the United States at the time. The will of the people was discarded in favor of preserving the nation as they saw fit. Unfortunately, they didn't realize the long term effects of the assassination. One result was the increased power of capitalism over democracy. Profit has become more important than freedom. Corporations are more concerned with increasing the wealth of a select few than with promoting the general welfare of the very nation that allows them to conduct business. A second result has been the subordination of this nation's civil liberties to the private agendas of the powers that be. The only opinions that are accepted today are those that further the bottom line. Contrary opinions are discouraged and distorted by spin doctors. The only explanation for the lack of attention given to the significance of the assassination is because the government, the military and the media all know what happened and to expose the event for what it really was goes to the central core of what constitutes the United States of America.

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I agree with you there. I read about it somewhere that they were tryin to tell everyone that there was only 2 shots fired by Oswald but thats a load of bull. All the eywitness's state that they heard 4. So what.... are all those people lying? NU- Uh. Its a conspiracy.

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Hearing multiple gunshots could have been from an echo between the high buildings....still though this is a fascinating conspiracy, one of my favourites to discuss. :yes:

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There is an audio recording,made from a microphone on a police motorcycle,which supposedly contains four shots. Four shot would indicate a second gunman. There was documentary on the Discovery Channel recently which showed that the motorcycle in question was too far away to record four shots.

The House Commitee on Assasinations claimed the police motorcycle was where the yellow 'x' is:

user posted image

The program on the Discovery Channel had photographs showing the motorcycle was actually where the red 'x' is.

I think Oswald acted alone.

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