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even Clinton seems profiting from New Orleans

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Julian Penrod

4 Fairfield Avenue

West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006

(973) 220-1601


February 21, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Dear sirs:

There can be many levels to an issue, and, unless you look at all of them, you cannot necessarily be said completely to understand it.

Unpleasant outcomes from disastrous events can often last many times longer than the event. The misery from Hurricane Katrina, however, has lasted many times longer than they apparently have any right to! One particularly obvious aspect of this is FEMA's commissioning more than 10,000 trailers for use sheltering evacuees from New Orleans, then leaving them to rot in Arkansas! While FEMA, incidentally, pays tens of millions of dollars relocating evacuees from one end of the country to the other, and paying apparently outlandishly overpriced hotel bills for their stays! The excuse provided is that the land near New Orleans is too marshy and soft to support the trailers, and besides, they need to be able to provide power and water for them, and they can't do that outside the city.

It seems patently impossible that so drastic an act would have been carried out with so little oversight and preparation. So utterly preposterous a situation seems to have been calculated from the beginning! Meanwhile, it could take years just to clear the garbage out of New Orleans and, the longer people stay away from the city, the greater the likelihood that it will be seized through eminent domain by crooked developers!

In fact, those seem the two defining characteristics of FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina, namely that it was inexcusably and unnecessarily flawed, and that it all seems engineered so some one or another criminal politicians and their crooked corporate cronies could profit!

They complain, for example, that the trailers couldn't be deployed near New Orleans because the land is so soft there. But not all the land near New Orleans is marshy, some it high ground! And the trailers needn't have been parked near New Orleans at all! Since they seem to have not had a problem ferrying the people across the country, at the very least, they could have transported them to a spot, say, fifty miles from New Orleans, where the ground was safer! And providing power and water need not have been a problem! Trailer parks are scattered all through the south, so it should not have been difficult to find water and power outlets for the trailers! It should not have been difficult to arrange something just by bringing the trailers near any large city! And, if FEMA was aware that power and water was so hard to arrange, why did they purchase the trailers in the first place?

A large part of the answer overall, it appears, can be discerned by considering what is being done with the trailers now! Currently, they are sitting on airport property in Arkansas. One can immediately see the potential for disruption of airline travel there, and, wherever there's a loss of convenience to some big business, that usually translates to immense tax write-offs! But something even more sinister seems at play.

Even though the majority of reports filed about the trailers are marked "Little Rock, Arkansas", the trailers are actually all parked in Hope!

Bill Clinton's town!

The town apparently wholly run by the filthy little criminal cartel, the Clinton Gang and their cronies!

You can be certain that Clinton and his mob are raking up the money from this escapade!

If they can keep the trailers from being transported to Louisiana, they could keep the residents of that state from returning to their neighborhoods. And the developer carrion can come in and steal their property! But that wouldn't, apparently, be so alien a swindle for Clinton to engage in! After all, Whitewater was, at its heart, apparently a real estate scam, too!

Indeed, every action taken with respect to the refugees seems intended to stop them from rebuilding the city the way they want it! Cutting off funds to refugees in hotels, evidently, is intended to prevent them from getting back enough on their feet to be able to restart their lives in the city! Those kicked out of hotels recently set up tents in New Orleans City Park, while the city has contracted with a group calling itself, fascistically enough, Storm Force, who charge for evidently maintaining a kind of concentration camp environment for those using tents. Even those seem to be being forced out now, just in time for developer crooks to steal the land they used to live on!

No wonder Clinton is whoring it up with George H. W. Bush, honeymooning with him in Kennybunkport, between gigs pretending to be interested in "disaster relief", and, all the while, evidently, arranging to skim the proceeds of relief funds, right off the top, and into his pocket!

When it's a matter of raping the "rank and file", you shouldn't be surprised, it appears, to see the Democrats and Republicans lustfully working together! They spent innumerable hours pointing fingers about "incompetence", and evidently successfully diverted media attention away from Clinton's apparent swindle in Arkansas with "public meetings" on the subject of FEMA and New Orleans! But what they really have to do is address the problem itself, not the government's image in mishandling it!

If criminal politicos decide to lie to the public, the public are not bound to believe what is said, or allow themselves to be raped on the basis of those claims! The people must stop donating to all disaster relief organizations until the trailers in Hope, Arkansas are used for the refugees in New Orleans, and Clinton and his mob are indicted for this evident case of monstrous malfeasance! The people must send emails and letters to news editors and politicians, telling them they know what's going on, and ordering them to come clean! The public must boycott all elections. The parties never offer anyone who isn't apparently a crook, anyway! The people must boycott all big businesses! They don't seem to provide anything more than overpriced garbage, anyway! At the very least, the public must resolve never to allow their intelligence to be insulted by believing a single thing any politician or CEO says!

This nation was never intended to be one of a "rank and file" being manipulated and mutilated by government, but, apparently, it will have to be through the will of the public that that does not come about!

Julian Penrod

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too many assumptions on the geography etc of the area, nice try though

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Saint Macabre

an intersting thought anyway...

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Please bear in mind.... Clinton is a Southern Democrat. The first thing one learns in Poli Sci 101 is that a Southern Democrat is just a Republican in disguise. A trap made by crooked politicians to snare the fools. I didn't vote for him for that reason.

Therefore his relationship with the Bush Crime Family is no surprise to me or any Political Science student.

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