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Robbers take $43M in England heist


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LONDON, England (CNN) -- Authorities in Kent, England, have appealed to the public for help in solving the armed robbery of a security company, which involved the kidnapping of a manager and resulted in the theft of 25 million pounds, or about $43.5 million.

The incident at the Securitas security depot in Tonbridge began Tuesday evening, according to a statement issued by Kent Police's serious and organized crime unit.

A depot manager was stopped by what he believed to be an unmarked police car about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday as he drove home from work, police said. The car was believed to be a Volvo with blue lights in its radiator grill.

"A passenger wearing a high-visibility jacket and police-style hat got out and spoke to the manager who, thinking these were genuine police officers, got back into the car with him where he was handcuffed," police said. The Volvo drove off. (Watch as police investigate the crime -- 2:04)

At about the same time, the manager's wife and young son were visited at their home by two men who said they were police officers and told them there had been an accident involving the manager. The wife and son were taken from their home, police said.

Meanwhile, the Volvo met up with a white van, and the manager was tied up, put into the van and driven to an unknown location, where he was threatened at gunpoint and told his family would be at risk if he did not cooperate, authorities said.

About 1 a.m. Wednesday, the manager was taken to the security depot. A white truck also arrived there, and six men -- at least some of whom were armed -- tied up the depot staff on duty "and then loaded a substantial amount of money" into the truck, police said.

"They left about 2:15 a.m. and staff raised the alarm about an hour later. No one was hurt during the incident, but the staff were all very shocked by what happened."

The statement did not address when the manager's wife and child were released, and did not divulge the amount stolen.

Police appealed to the public for information about the vehicles used, the statement said.

"In particular, officers would like to hear from anyone who saw the manager's silver Nissan car being stopped ... or who saw a Volvo or similar car rendezvous with a white van, or anyone who saw a white 7.5-ton truck in the Tonbridge area in the early hours of Wednesday morning."

"This was a traumatic ordeal for the manager of the security depot and his family and for all of the staff who worked there," Kent Detective Superintendent Paul Gladstone said in the statement.

"This was clearly a robbery that was planned in detail over time -- someone must have information that will help us in the hunt for the robbers. A very substantial sum of money running into millions of pounds has been stolen and we are determined to bring the robbers to justice."

According to its Web site, Securitas is a worldwide company that offers security services, security systems and direct and cash handling services for businesses.

The Wednesday robbery is one of the largest in United Kingdom history, but the largest all-cash robbery occurred in December 2004, when about $50 million was stolen from a bank in Belfast, Northern Ireland. That case remains unsolved.



Dang...that's a good haul. I'd be on a warm beach the next day. ^_^

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No comments yet? obscene! Just like the amount of money stolen...wow...that is one of the biggest hauls i've ever seen! or heard of at least...

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well, now we can tell billystevo that england isnt perfect! wait till he hears about this.... what terrible security they have on their banks! ill bet he says its ol' george bush's fault

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I hear one of the robbers was george bush...

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well, now we can tell billystevo that england isnt perfect! wait till he hears about this.... what terrible security they have on their banks! ill bet he says its ol' george bush's fault

Believe it or not, this place isn't USA vs UK. :tu:

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Sounds right out of a poorly written Hollywood movie. Amazing that they got away.

Also want to hear more about the robbery in Ireland 2 years ago.

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Just to put a little more perspective on things, the amount stolen is definately over £25m but could be up to £40m, making it the biggest cash robbery in the UK by a long shot.

Source: Timesonline

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Its now up to £50 million, with a £2 million reward, worth grassing on them now :huh:

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Update: Two arrested in Securitas robbery

A man and a woman have been arrested by police investigating a raid on a Securitas depot in Kent in which armed robbers got away with up to £50m.

A man aged 29 and a woman aged 31 arrested in the London area are being held at police stations in Kent.

They are being questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery.

"These arrests are a positive development in the early stages of our investigation," said Kent Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Leppard.


I don't think it would be them...if it is, they are idiots. Cause who would really rob a bank for millions then stay in the country?

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well, maybe they thought, who'd look for us if we stayed here?

still i'd be in jamaica....

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well, maybe they thought, who'd look for us if we stayed here?

still i'd be in jamaica....

Reverse psychology on the biggest heist ever, thinking the officals wouldn't look? Not to mention the insane feeling of paranoia they would be feeling. :P

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Looks like Britain has the best bank robbers, Rambo your American bank robbers suck . :D

Who's to say the bank robbers aren't American? :w00t:


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Update: Money found after Securitas raid

Police investigating the multi-million pound Securitas depot raid in Kent have found a quantity of money in a white Ford Transit van.

Detectives recovered the vehicle from the car park of the Ashford International Hotel on Friday.

Forensic officers wearing white overalls, gloves and face masks removed black bundles from the van.

Three people arrested in London over the robbery have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

A 29-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman were detained at separate addresses in Forest Hill, south London, on Thursday.

Another 41-year-old woman was held in Bromley, south-east London.

Forensic examinations

Up to £50m was stolen by an armed gang who raided the Securitas premises in Vale Road, Tonbridge, during the early hours of Wednesday.

Earlier they had kidnapped the depot manager, 51-year-old Colin Dixon, and his wife and young son.

The Transit van was found in Ashford after a tip-off from a member of the public.

A police statement said money was recovered from the vehicle, but it was "too early to speculate on how much".

The van and its contents were taken away from the hotel and forensic examinations are now taking place.

Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Leppard said: "I am very grateful to the member of the public who made the call to us.

"I am as keen as you to know exactly how much cash [was in the van] but we just do not know at this stage."

The Bank of England said a £25m payment it received from Securitas on Wednesday had covered all its losses.

The rest of the stolen notes did not belong to the bank.

An audit of its own notes held at Tonbridge has now been completed but an audit of the rest of the cash is still under way.

Several vehicles

Kent Police have now recovered several vehicles during the course of their investigations.

Mr Dixon's silver Nissan Almera was discovered at the c*** Horse pub in Detling.

A Volvo saloon which was believed to have been used in Mr Dixon's abduction, by robbers posing as police officers, was found burning in Burberry Lane in the village of Leeds, near Maidstone.

A red van with Parcelforce markings, thought to have been involved in the robbery, was recovered from the Hook and Hatchet pub in Hucking.

Police said they found another vehicle in Burberry Lane, although no more details about it have yet been revealed.

The white Renault lorry used by the gang is still missing.

Meanwhile, Kent Police have also released a description and computer image of one of the men who kidnapped Mr Dixon.



Ouch for them. :P

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