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'Antigravity' Propulsion System Proposed

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An 'antigravity' propulsion system was proposed at the Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF) in Albuquerque on Febuary 14 by Dr. Franklin Felber. His new exact solution to Einstein's gravitational field equation gives hope to space enthusiasts that it might be possible to accelerate space craft to speeds approaching that of light without crushing the contents of the craft. If it works, it could be even better than apergy, as described by science fiction writer Percy Greg in 1880.

Dr. Felber's paper states that a mass moving faster than 57.7 percent of the speed of light will gravitationally repel other masses lying within a narrow 'antigravity beam' in front of it. This "beam" intensifies as the speed of the mass approaches that of light.

Check out the full article here: http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/06...ntigravity.html

What are your thoughts?

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I was going to create a new thread about this, but I don't know enough about it, so i'll just add it here.

I found this recently. Thought it might interest some of you.

Classified Antigravity Aerospace Craft

1. Northrop Grumman’s B-2 “Spirit” Stealth Bomber

2. Aurora

3. Lockheed-Martin’s X-33A

4. Lockheed’s X-22A

5. Boeing and Airbus Industries’ Nautilus

6. TR3-A “Pumpkinseed”,

7. TR3-B “Triangle”

8. Northrop’s “Great Pumpkin” disc

9. Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical’s XH-75D “Shark” antigravity helicopter, and

10. Lockheed-Martin’s and Northrop’s jointly-developed TAW-50 hypersonic antigravity fighter-bomber.

read about it...


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I say consider the source.

R. Boylan had his psychotherapy license pulled for going too far in pushing the bounds of impropriety with his female patients. Those women claimed to have been traumatized or other reactions to 'abductions by aliens'.

R. Boylan, I would bet, is a slick talking but mad intellectual. Do such people exist in ufology, or any other profession? Yes, and he takes the cake.

He claimed Hale-Bop was followed by an alien spaceship, because NASA told him so.

We all know what happened to Marshall Appelwhite's group of dysfunctionals.

I would trust him only to be unthrowable. I am not a big person, and he is!

Do we have ultra-technology? I don't know. But, I wouldn't put it past the USG for trying.

I just missed those reports on Fox News about space ships melting the Iraqi defenders!

The Sacramento BEE

Friday, August 11, 1995

Page B2, City Digest


The state Board of Psychology has revoked the license of Sacramento psychologist Richard Boylan, who specializes in treating survivors of alleged encounters with space aliens, based on seven counts of gross negligence involving three patients.

Boylan "abused his role as a therapist when he imposed his personal views on the existence of extraterrestrials into the dreams and memories of two patients," the psychology board said.

In addition, the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners has revoked Boylan's licenses to be a child counselor and clinical social worker.

Boylan is a former president of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association.


KCRA-3, 6PM News - August 7, 1995

Kelly Brothers: Our top story at 6 o'clock: a Sacramento psychologist has been stripped of all licenses to practice in California.

Female Announcer: Dr. Richard Boylan was found guilty of gross negligence and misconduct with patients. As Channel 3's Tom Duhain reports, Dr. Boylan's controversial views on UFOs and aliens played an important part in today's actions.

Tom Duhain: Richard Boylan learned today that the State had revoked his psychologist license, his marriage family and child counseling license and his clinical social worker license. His practice is shut down.

Richard Boylan: Oh, I am not going to accept it. It is based on falsehoods and we want to explore every possibility for a reconsideration.

Tom Duhain: Boylan is Past President of the Valley Psychological Association and formerly the Mental Health Director of Calaveras County. He is also an author who believes that extraterrestrials have invaded the earth.

Richard Boylan: A number of my colleagues have felt that because I have been willing to look into a cutting edge field like extraterrestrial contact with humans that someone in authority was going to land on me one of these


Tom Duhain: He would not discuss the specific findings of the State Law Court which led to today's actions. Those include: Imposing his views of space aliens into the dreams and memories of two patients; nude hot tubbing with patients; and bartering nude massages in return for psychological therapy.... Boylan says the charges are false.

Richard Boylan: We really felt that the evidence that was brought out at the hearing would move them to lay aside these complaints, but that did not happen.

Tom Duhain: Boylan's only recourse now is legal action in Superior Court.

Female Announcer: State officials said they closed his practice because they consider Boylan a danger to other patients. There are about 13,000 licensed psychologists in California. On average, about forty licenses are revoked every year, mostly for sexual misconduct.

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Thanks for the article, despite my views. It does outline the general issues facing the world, and military activities. We live in a time where we may never rest from vigil.

I wish we had listened to some of the views these many years, on defining a really sustainable world. I say if we make progress, we need to keep the skies and waters and land as clean as possible.

Better forms of technology may be introduced, only as a last minute stop-gap in the future, if such technologies can decrease our dependence on oil. I say why wait?

But, it may be we need to wait a little longer. We'll see.

I will try and read the OP's materials, later.

Take Care

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WOW...I was laughing up a storm here when I read that. Silly people...antigravity propulsion has been around for decades :)

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If you say so...


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