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Why Bush Is Courting India

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I expect Bush to say that they will be sending the American cricket team soon. America has no place in India they still love the British for what we did for them when we ruled.If you dont know what cricket is , stay out of India.Even Pakistan , Indias arch enemy loves cricket its a Commonwealth thing. I dont think Bush will wow India im afraid.

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well america is kinda a bit worried about china, so their building a larger power base in India. A lot of busines will be going Indians way, which is a good thing, itll get the World Bank of their backs.

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One thing that can not be forgotten is the 1962 war between India and China. Where India lost a chunk of their country to the Chinese. That embarrissment still rankles the Indians. And the reason the Indian intermediate balistic missiles just happen to have the range to cover all of China.

Also do not forget the isolation India feels with Muslim countries surrounding it. It would be even more in the forefront in action against Islam if it was not for its own 120,000,000 Muslims living in India.

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