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Technical Support Details

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If you come across any problems or have any difficulties using the forum or it's related features, then feel free to either E-Mail, IM, or post your query or problem here in the new technical support category.

The E-Mail address to send your problems to is :

This new section will also replace the old development section for news and information regarding new forum features and addons.

So keep your eye on this section for all the latest.  :)


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Cool.... that should help.<

I logged on last night and was confused. The forum had reverted to the old style. Some of the catergories were no longer there and Icouldn`t find a certain topic. I assume you were working on the site...

Good idea...

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There was a strange problem since last night that caused half the forum categories to become invisible to most of the forum visitors.

I tweaked the categories around a bit and it seems to be working again now.


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