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Mindless Indulgence

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Has very slight language, a bit of violence (perhaps some is considered gore).


“I never noticed, no never noticed, you’re so amazing”

Lex realized the relevance of his lyrics, as his girlfriend Aria walked past, her reddish hair flowing as if it was smoke. She was beautiful. Asian, excellent hair, blue eyes.

Lex unplugged his MP3 player, and walked with Aria, along with their class to the nuclear plant.

‘God damn assignments,’ he thought.

The science excursion was supposed to help them with their upcoming assignment. But they weren’t going to learn much. They were just going to walk around, like you always do on excursions. Walk into rooms with overly loud sound, and rooms where nothing is relevant. No learning.

Just like he anticipated, Lex walked into a very loud room. Their guide was yelling, but still, no-one could hear him. Suddenly, the loud noise stopped, as the guide was caught off guard. He was still yelling, and as he noticed, he stopped. Blushing. A confused look came over his face.

Lex took this opportunity to turn his MP3 player back on, as Aria started to fiddle with her hair.

“Is that supposed to stop?” Asked the teacher.

“Erm… I think they may be just doing a checkup on the core, we should probably leave them to it,” the guide said.

The ground started to shake, a few students began to scream. The guide yelled for everyone to leave through the main door quickly, but in order.

“Screw that,” said Lex, he grabbed Aria, and ran through some very thick metallic doors, they crouched in the corner of the room, as an explosion was heard.

Aria jumped in front of Lex, attempting to shield him with her body. Lex attempted to push her out of the way, if anyone was to take a hit, he should be the one.

“You’re suffocating, your beauty’s fading”

Aria and Lex felt a little sick, but in one piece.

“Damn we were bloody lucky,” Aria said.

“Damn straight.” Lex said.

They walked out the doors, forgetting to prepare themselves for the worst. As they walked out, Lex vomited. The was blood, bodies, guts and skin everywhere.

The smell was horrible, Lax and Aria started running towards the main door to escape it, but something started rising. A body of various corpses rose, and moaned. It was a mix of mangled corpses. The head of a student, the arm of the teacher, god knows what with the rest of the body. It took a step towards Aria who screamed.

The Frankenstein monster fell, and all the limbs and body detached themselves from one another. Aria shrieked again.

Lex went to calm her down, but didn’t manage to make any sound. Yet, a distinct ‘Don’t worry, we’re fine’ was heard. Lex thought that he was just have some vocal problems, due to the blast.

“Holy crap!” said a voice behind them.

It was Chris, Lex’s best friend, he must have found another way to escape the blast. He had brown hair; kind of wavy, and pale skin. He only had a small cut under his eye. Lex went to examine it. As he touched it, Chris flinched, and tapped Lex’s hand away. As he did so, a shot of static zapped Lex’s hand.

“Ow!” Lex shouted. The ground rumbled again, but not as violently.

“Damn, this place is unstable, let’s get the hell out of here,” said Aria.

They walked outside, where they found police cars, news reporters, and even a couple of squadrons of special force units.

They were rushed into hospital.

“The drugs they say, make us feel so hollow”

After around 2 weeks in the top emergency ward, the doctors finally let them into a normal part of the hospital, as long as they took their masses of pills each day.

“About bloody time they let us out,” said Chris, as he enter Lex’s and Aria’s room in the morning.

But Lex and Aria were focusing on something else. Aria’s hair had turned into a strange purple-red smoke, as well as her fingernails. Her eyes has turned dead white, and were emitting smoke like her fingers..

“Holy crap!” said Chris.

Lex felt her hair, it still felt like hair, but was extremely soft. And smoking. He held it for a little too long, it started to numb his hand.

“Well, this must be a side effect from the radiation… or the radiation mixed with the pills. Well should probably check ourselves out too.” Lex said to Chris.

As Lex brushed back his long brown hair, he saw the sides of his face seemingly tattooed in a freakish manner. Something you would expect to see on a metal band vocalist, such as Marilyn Manson.

Most tattoos were black, however two on his temples were burning red. His eyes also started to itch as he rubbed his tattoos. They has turned a brilliant red.

He wondered why no-one had noticed before.

“Hey guys? Maybe your should look at this,” said Chris, in a slightly scared tone.

His arms… were… seemingly torn apart. There were scratches, carvings, all over them. Inside the scratches, you could see grey. A metallic gray, and from time to time, a spark would jump from one scratch to another.

“Oh crap,” muttered Aria. “Do you feel okay?”

“As fine as ever, I can’t feel a thing. I don’t even know why I’m taking these pills.”

“Same with me,” said Lex. “I don’t even think the doctors have even looked into us far enough to prescribe something”

“Yeah. But if we wanna get out of here soon ,we’ll have to cover these up,” said Aria. “Lex, you should be fine. Just keep your hair over the tattoos, and your head down. Don’t look anyone in the eyes. Chris, cover those arms.”

“What about you? Your fingertips, your hair, and your eyes, you can’t possibly pass for normal!” asked Lex.

“Yes, I know, but I’ve been, well…” muttered Aria, “Watch.”

One minute she was there, the next, nothing. She was gone. She vanished.

“Oh my God!” Chris shouted quietly.

“Oh my God, how do you do that?” asked Lex, “and what about your clothes?”

“I don’t know,” Aria said, “I just noticed myself ‘blink’ in the bathroom.

“Blink?” asked Lex.

“Well, just disappear and reappear in a split second,” explained Aria, “so then I just attempted to take it further”

“Holy cow. I wonder if we can do any of those kinds of things…” muttered Lex.

“Well, has anything weird happened to you?” asked Aria, “because that’s how I figured my stuff out, so yeah. Just screw around.”

“Never special enough to make a case for jealousy”

The next morning, Lex woke up. Doctors frantically running around the room.

“Where’s Aria?!” one of them shouted.

Lex made sure that he had his eyes practically closed, so the doctors couldn’t see his red irises, he looked across at Chris, he was awake, his arms tucked firmly under the covers. Chris was trying to signal something to him, but Lex couldn’t quite make it out.

“What’s this?” one of them snarled, pinching Lex’s face, “Tattoos, eh?”

“Uh, yeah!” Lex explained, a little nervous, “Family brought some to cheer me up”

A nurse ran in, “We still can’t find her, sir”

The Doctor pinching Lex stopped and faced the Nurse. “Call her house, her parent, her school. Anyone who god damn knows her, ask them”

All of the doctors left the room.

Aria reappeared in the far corner, then teleported to Lex’s bed, and kissed him on the forehead. Lex was expecting something like this.

“You have too much time on your hands” he said.

“So does Chris. You’re the only one who hasn’t figured out what they can do yet.”

“Oh. Damn… sorry,” said Lex. “I’ll get right on it”

“Damn, It doesn’t take long for crying out loud, we need to get out of here. Just figure out what you do”

“How?” asked Lex frantically

“Oh… sorry,” Aria apologized, “I just really want to get out of here. But what you do, is think of anything abnormal that happened to you.”

“Well…. I did have some vocal issues in the plant, like… I think I said something without actually.. saying it.. and when I yelled in pain, the ground shook”

“Well, sounds like a sound issue… you know?” said Chris. “There’s some guy in X-Men with control over sound or something, so give it a try”

“Alrighty,” said Lex “What should I try?”

“Think of your favourite song, that ‘Video’ one, or whatever, and try to make it play softly in this room” said Aria.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try”

“I never noticed, no never noticed, you’re so amazing”

“You’re suffocating, your beauty’s fading”

The lyrics flew through the room, majestically. Lex was amazed.

“Okay, now I’ll try making a whisper with my mouth closed” said Lex, excited like a small child.

“Oh my God this is amazing” the whisper sounded.

“That’s all well and good, now let’s get the hell out of here!” Aria shouted.

“Where do we go?” asked Lex.

“Solitude. We can’t pass as humans anymore. Look at your face, Lex, look at our skin. We are as pale as paper, and your tattoos have spread like wildfire. Chris’s scratches have spread to everywhere but his face and neck, he randomly just sparks off. And look at me, not much has changed since yesterday, but you said it yourself, I’m not going to be able to fit into the crowd”

“I see… well, where can we find solitude, and how do we get there?”

“Well, we’re not going to get anywhere without erasing ourselves from all records” explained Aria, “and solitude is just somewhere out of the way, where no-one will think to look for us. I located a place for rent, and all we need to do is send a letter to the owners, saying we’re in, and send them money once a month.”

“Where do we get the money?” asked Lex.

“Oh come on, I hope you’re still waking up, and haven’t quite gathered your head yet,” joked Chris. “I can blow fuses, you can cancel out sound, and she can teleport!”


“Future, no future, your future”

“So, first we need to erase all data of ourselves.” Aria said. “Chris, you go downstairs, make sure they can’t see your scratches, and blow their computers. That gets rid of the hospital records”

“Not entirely,” said Lex, as Chris walked downstairs “That doctor that pinched me, and several other doctors that treated us, know who we are still. Know our names, out appearances.”

“Oh no… looks like there will be a fatality count on this mission.” muttered Aria. “How awful.”

She looked like she was going to burst into tears, so Lex comforted her.

“We’re going to be murderers!” She sobbed.

“Bury it, I won’t let you smother it, I won’t let you murder it”

There was a blackout, and Chris returned.

Then, faint marching could be heard. Lex had a go at increasing the volume of the sounds.

“They’re in room 13, block 37.” said a voice.

“Oh crap! That’s our room!” said Aria. “They’re coming for us!”

Before anyone could react, the door was thrown off its hinges, and bullet-fire was heard.

With superhuman speed, Lex ran, and jumped under a bed. Seemingly this was another mutation.

Aria turned invisible, and teleported under another bed.

Chris didn’t have the time or space to get away. He was struck, bullet after bullet.

But they just bounced off.

“It must be the metal under his skin!” Lex yelled happily.

Chris, now angry, enraged that they burst in and shot at him so readily, advanced towards the SWAT units.

Aria seemed to throw balls of the dark matter that radiated from her fingertips and eyes.

They exploded into purple flames as they hit, tearing through the SWAT’s vests.

Lex tried something of his own. He attempted to create a sound barrier around the SWAT unit’s heads, but inside the barrier, an incredibly loud sound. Hopefully loud enough to shatter their skulls.

“Brace yourselves guys, if I screw this up, we could be deaf for a few seconds.” Lex said.

There was no sound.

But then… 3 SWATs just fell to the ground.

Chris grabbed the last SWAT’s head, punched him in the face, then grabbed a pipe.

He brought it down on the unit’s head, with a sickening crunch.

“Mate, that’s not normal… I think you might have toned up your muscle strength during the mutation” Lex said grinning.

“Well, at least we don’t have to worry about becoming murderers, because we already are” said Lex.

“But this is different, that was self defence” muttered Aria.

“Well look, if we don’t erase our records properly, they will leak out, and vigilantes will track us down, along with the government’s forces.” Explained Lex.

“What about our parents? Our families?” asked Chris.

“I’m sure they’ll keep our secret.” said Aria.

“Wait, say we ‘committed suicide’. Right here, right now.” asked Lex. “We jump off the hospital, Chris, your metal core should be able to withstand that if it can withstand bullets. Aria, you need to teleport into a lying position right as you’re about to hit the ground… practice it now, and well, I’ll attempt to kick up off the wall, to get rid of inertia.”

“That’s a great idea!” said Chris. But what happens to our bodies?

“Well, they get taken to be autopsied, and we fake a vigilante body-theft. We make it look like some anti-mutant people, stole our corpses.” Said Lex.

“Perfect , then let’s do it, I’ve already practiced my teleporting enough” said Aria.

“I don’t think you trust in my self-righteous suicide”

The trio met on the building.

“Are you ready?” asked Chris.

“Ready as ever.” exclaimed both Lex and Aria at the same time.

Lex and Aria gave each other a quick kiss, then they jumped, Chris right behind them.

While falling, Aria blinked up a few centimetres to cancel out a little inertia.

Chris swiveled, to attempt to land on his back.

Lex just tried to lean closer to the walls, so he could pull of his wall jump easier.

“Reaadyyy?” Lex yelled.

The plan was perfect, and so were the results.

The trio were carried off to the morgue, where they quickly pierced holes in their body-bags using their abilities, or in Lex’s case, a bobby-pin from Aria.

There, Aria teleported outside. She bought balaclavas, and black clothes from shops, using stolen money. She also bought spray paint. She walked through the morgue, dressed like a stereotypical terrorist, spray-painting all visible cameras. She then got Lex and Chris out of the Morgue, and they walked out casually. They encountered no-one on the street, which helped, because they didn’t feel like explaining the costumes.

As they entered the old house, on the outskirts of the city, Lex decided to change his name to Mania, Aria adopted Aruya as a new name, and Chris decided on Chaos.


Yes, it is named after the band. If you look through, most of the lyrics throughout the 1st chapter are from MSI.

Also, this story was originally written for and English assignment.

It also includes some mind-games, so try to figure them out. For example, I actually reveal all of the character's powers, before you realise.

If you have tips , help please happy.gif

Any good plot ideas would be really cool too.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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Saw your advertising, thought it wouldn't kill me to come here and read your story. :P

Awesome powers for the trio. I really like Chris' ability of skin and strength.

Maybe you could explain more about how they changed during the weeks in the hospital? Also, what they were exposed to?

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I'll have a go at fitting in some 'flashbacks' of the hospital for ya ;)

And I guess it was just the radiation from the explosion.. Gamma, X-Ray, take your pick, they're all good :D

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I'll have a go at fitting in some 'flashbacks' of the hospital for ya ;)

Heh, alright then. I was just curious. Like how it would feel to change and the reactions of the doctors as the changed... maybe a black suit from the goverment looking at them for possible weapons or something. ;)

And I guess it was just the radiation from the explosion.. Gamma, X-Ray, take your pick, they're all good :D

Alright, all sorts og goodies to work with there.

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Quite splendid and awsome, such real time imaginations with creativity flowing,second

chapters could be endless! Great Job! I think I'll have a liquid refreshment minus the

beta caratine :yes: LOOKING forward till the next......

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