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House Republicans defies Bush

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Showing no sign of backing down from a showdown with President Bush, House of Represenitives Republicans has added a proposed admendment to block the deal with Dubai Ports to a "must pass" bill on hurricane aid and military spending. Bush has repeatedly said he will veto any bill blocking the deal.

Two factors are entering this debate. First, Republicans in Congress have felt backhanded by the White House on the lack of advance notice from the Bush Administration on the port deal. With polls on the issue overwheming against a foreign government company buying a private British company to run 6 American ports, the Republicans are affraid of a public backlash in this falls Congressional elections. A large concern is that all company records will be kept in the UAE, and not available to American inspection

Second, there is a lot of resentment with a number of Republicans over the pressure tatics used by White House staffers when they "twist arms" to ensure solid backing of Bush backed bills. These Republicans have not liked the theats over the last 6 years over with-holding campain funds, campain appearences by the President and other petty slights threatened by the White House to keep Republican Congressmen in line. So now with the White House on the run over this issue, some Republicans feel it is time for some payback.

Unsaid, is the chance that this issue might be used by the Democrats against Republicans up for re-election this November. And Republicans know that they are vulnerable to the port deal, abortion, the deficit, the new medicare program and other issues. Issues that could bring moderates and liberals out of the woods to vote against them.

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I really hope it's blocked. There is no need to have split allies with the ME and US running US ports. :tu:

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