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A new book on the Roswell incident

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 If you are interested in what occured near Roswell, N.M. in 1947 and consider yourself an open-minded person, I suggest you read "The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know" by Kal Korff. The book presents the results of some sixteen years of research done by Kal on the Roswell incident and forms the definitive answer as to what truly occured there.

Korff states that while the pro-UFO community stress's the number of witnesses in the event, another factor in their firm belief that an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed at Roswell is the apparent consistency of the eyewitness testimonies. However, a careful reading of the statements in any number of books detailing The Roswell Incident reveals that there are serious discrepancies among the various accounts which, when analyzed in detail and taken collectively, severely weaken the case. One undeniable truth that many UFO advocates seem to easily forget is that when investigators first started interviewing some of the original witnesses regarding Roswell, the recollections of these people had undoubtedly changed. If nothing else, their memories reflected the passage of nearly thirty-one years, if not more.

 In his book on Roswell, Korff examines systematically the accounts of all major "witnesses" presented in the Roswell Incident and all others. For the first time, these testimonies are exposed for what they are: a mishmash of erroneous accounts, embellishments and outright confabulations. In fact, some of the people who have been touted as witnesses by the pro-UFO Roswell authors are not really witnesses at all! Here are some examples;

Loretta Proctor: Neighbor of Mac Brazel, the rancher who originally discovered the "saucer" debris. She claims she tried to bend, burn, and break a piece of the material Brazel showed her but was unable to. Proctor's testimony is used by crashed-saucer buffs to buttress the argument that a spaceship made of unknown, exotic material crashed near Roswell.

Truth: Loretta Proctor has changed her story several times. She has transformed herself from a "witness" who never saw any debris, to one who now tried to bend, break, and burn the "mysterious" material. She began changing her account after her husband, Floyd, who made it very clear in earlier interviews that they had never seen any material, passed away

Sergeant Melvin E. Brown: Brown is touted as a "witness" who saw alien bodies by Roswell authors Friedman, Randle and Schmitt, and Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle (Beyond Roswell).

Truth: Melvin Brown cannot be considered a witness since he died in 1986 and was never interviewed by UFO researchers. Indeed, the only "proof" one has that Brown was a "witness" comes from his daughter, Beverly Bean, who first made the claim years after his death. No other member of Brown's family supports her claim. Furthermore, a check by this author of Brown's military file revealed that he was a cook who held no security clearance and never pulled guard duty. Also noted in the book are the blatant contradictions and changes in Beverly Bean's various accounts.

 Kroff also spends much time disproving Major Marcel's testimony (see the facts provided in my Roswell post). He also dismantles and refutes other Roswell "eyewitness" testimonies such as those of British Major Hughie Green, Roswell mortician Glen Dennis, Rueben Anaya, Frankie Rowe, Frank Kaufmann, Jim Ragsdale, and others. In short, no credible evidence from any witness has turned out to present a compelling case that the object was extraterrestrial in origin.

 The book is a fascinating look at a serious investigation into what is generally regarded as the 'Rosetta Stone' of the UFO world. The embellishments, half-truth's and outright lies that Korff uncovers is a testiment to his exhaustive investigation, and a warning to others to carefully consider the evidence presented by those who have only their best interest in mind.


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