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Official: China Facing

et's daddy

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BEIJING — China must sharply improve environmental protection or it could face disaster following two decades of breakneck growth that have poisoned its air, water and soil, the country's top environmental official warned Saturday.

The director of the State Environmental Protection Administration said that more than half of China's 21,000 chemical companies are near the Yangtze and Yellow rivers — drinking water for tens of millions of people — and accidents could lead to "disastrous consequences."


reap what you sow i guess

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I have mixed feelings on this one.

While I dont want millions of innocent people to die, with the upcoming possibility of war with China, over Iran, I cant help but have the feeling, that this could play out very well for our troops in the worst case sceneario.

Dont get me wrong, I dont want any innocents hurt. But with soo many uncertains in the upcoming months, I cant help but feel this to be a wonderful break for the american military, if something were to happen of course.

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This is going to be really hard to pull off. So much of the Chinese economy is owned by the Peoples Liberation Army. And the PLA (With includes the Army, Navy, Air Force and varried security organizations) uses the profits from military owned companies to modernize the military. And in the past, efforts to put controls over these companys have had the PLA doing some muscle flexing and the government backing down. It seems that the PLA is very loyal until there are attempts to interfer with their profits. And if the PLA does not want to add environmental features to their operations, it will not happen (the fact that this would put them at a better profit position than their civilian counterparts would have nothing to do with it :innocent: )

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