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Sweden Says No!

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"Some pundits thought that the murder of Anna Lindh, Sweden’s foreign minister and a euro-enthusiast, might lead to a sympathy yes vote in the country’s referendum on the single currency. It didn’t."

IN A week marked by loss, the Swedes on Sunday voted to keep the krona. At one stage, the murder of Anna Lindh, Sweden’s foreign minister, had threatened to postpone the euro referendum. Then it threatened to skew the vote in favour of the euro, out of sympathy for a woman who had campaigned energetically for a yes vote. But the euro debate, however profound its consequences, is, in the end, a debate about bread-and-butter issues—it is an argument about money. Mrs Lindh was the compelling face of the pro-euro campaign, but it would have been awkward and distasteful to make her a martyr for such a workaday cause. In the end, her murder, as Goran Persson, Sweden’s prime minister, put it, was an attack, not on monetary union, but on an open society. And in an open society people speak and vote their minds. On the evidence of Sunday’s referendum, Sweden’s mind is firmly made up against the euro: 56% voted against, with 42% in favour and 2% undecided.

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