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Ghost Trackers look for paranormal

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news icon rEven without the eerie blue light illuminating the room, the night would have been creepy as they waited for a sign from any of the ghosts believed to haunt this month’s hunt location. A noise, shadow or unexplained breeze, while not constituting official evidence, all stand as clues to paranormal activity, according to the growing number of members of the Kokomo/Tipton chapter of the Indiana Ghost Trackers.

The monthly hunts are shrouded in secrecy.

news icon View: Full Article | Source: Kokomo Tribune

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We have a ghost in the restroom at work.

There are many people who have seen or

felt his presence.

I say he because Ive seen him on more than

one occasion.

Toilets flush for no reason, stall doors open and


Does anyone know why they like to hang out in


There are some who have seen him in other


There are also these shadow people here.

They are seen quite often.

I have been told that my place of work was built

over an old cemetary.

Do you watch any of the shows like crossing over?

They always seem to come across with some trivial

information like a blue blanket, a red ball, a male with

the letter M or B.

These things can pertain to the majority of people.

How come it's never like the will is in the secret drawer

behind the bookshelf or I was murdered by a man named

John Smith.

All the trivial information just seems to be a parlor trick.

Do any of you know if the guest haft to register before being

on the show or maybe send for free tickets?

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Rich herr

Hi, my name is Rich Herr, I am with the Lafayette(Indiana) Chapter of the Indiana Ghost Trackers. I was there on that hunt. The building was an old opera house built in the 1800s. Later converted to a Masonic Temple, still having the basic configuration.

This is the "eerie blue light" the author of the article refers to.

Even without the eerie blue light illuminating the room

user posted image

The whole room was illuminated in blue. I didn't find it eerie, though.

Unfortunately, I didn't leave with any evidence. :hmm:

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I dont know about most haunting's but after his death in 1985 my Father in law was seen several times near the bathroom. In life he had a Congestive heart problem and took water pills that made him go a lot. Since he passed away sitting peacefully in a chair , he may have just continued his habits after death.

When my mother in law passed on years later , both were seen in the house at differant times by Grand Children and a son in law who had never met either of them. Then all sightings just stopped and my wife commented that she could no longer "FEEL" them any more.

Nothing Paranormal has happened here for a few years now. Pity really. Their presents made the house again "FEEL" more comfortable and warm. :wub:

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