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The New Site and The Old Pages

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The new site is up at last - if you haven't already checked out the front page and the new sections, the URL for the main site is:


There will be more updates and changes over the next few days, as well as some forum alterations too.

Please make sure and update your bookmarks - if you have a page bookmarked that isn't the front page or one of the main indices, you need to change it so that it doesn't point to one of the old pages that no longer exist. Most of the pages from the old site have been replaced with a redirection page which will take you to the front page, so you can update your bookmark.


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            Thanks for the clue on updating the bookmarks,  I finally see what you've done!  Very professional and organized - IMPRESSIVE!!  Excellent work!!   :s1

             guess you can tell I like it!!!

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