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New : Java Chat Room Applet

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There is a simple and straight forward way of logging into the chat room - via the new Java Chat Applet now online and accessable through the "Live Chat Room" links dotted all over the site.

All you have to do to access the chat, is enter your nickname in the box provided and click Connect. You will be taken straight to the #unexplained chat room on the chatnet server.  

If you can't get the java chat applet to work, or you'd prefer to use mIRC to connect instead, a link is provided at the bottom of the chat room page to the previous chat room links and instructions for setting things up.

Note : Playing wave files does not work on the java client, so if you want to play sounds, use mIRC.  



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That script looks nice! Normally those Jave chat scripts are very slow but because this one links only to IRC it runs smoothly. Nice work!

Odin S.

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Thanks Odin,

The Java Applet is quite a well known one called "jIRC". Works better than the old one we used to have when the IRC chat room was first used. This one allows connections to any server, whereas the last one only worked on that one server with all the hacking going on.

It's just a shame that this one doesn't have the sound playing capabilities of mIRC. Still, it's got just about everything else.


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