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think fast

The Sequel Redefined

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What has happened to the sequel? There is a sequel for every movie that comes out- there will be one for Spiderman, Kill Bill comes in two parts- Superman, Jurassic Park, Gladitor (who thought that was a good idea?), Indian Jones is having a fourth - the list goes on.

The sequel is a strange beast. Sometimes Hollywood gets it right, but most of the time they get it very very wrong. The franchise is all powerful. In the face of millions of dollars, Hollywood takes chances it sometimes should not. Check Scary Movie 2 for reference.

My two favorite sequels stand out from the pack and will surely last all of time:

Stars Wars- the entire series is mind blowing.

The Matrix Reloaded. Many people do not agree about Reloaded, but I can prove my theory on installement number two of the Matrix and the idea that the sequel can still be pulled off. The link below is the best theory on Reloaded and the undying SEQUEL I have yet to see. Flash file. Click on the bottom of the parody ad for text.

Anyone else looking for a good sequel? Tired of sequels? Wonder about the fate of the sequel? Love Reloaded?

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