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Sandwood Bay, Scotland

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This bleak and isolated beach on the northeastern most tip of Scotland has long been reputed to be haunted and visitors to this desolate area have brought back stories of an apparition and strange happenings at the deserted cottages here.

One autumn afternoon a crofter and his son strayed into Sandwood Bay as they gathered firewood. The beach was utterly deserted as they collected the timber from old wrecks, they were about to set off home as evening was drawing on, when their pony suddenly showed signs of fright and they became aware of a bearded sailor standing next to them. He was wearing sea-boots, a sailors cap and a dark stained tunic with brass buttons. The stranger shouted that the wood was his property and the crofter and his son dropped the wood and fled.

One August afternoon, the same figure was seen by a gillie and the fishing party she was accompanying: the squat figure of a sailor was first noticed close by a sandy knoll, and the walking along the beach, before dissapearing behind a hillock in a sand dune, those that saw the figure noticed the hat and brass buttons.

Thinking that the man must be a poacher the gillie was sent off to find out what he could, he returned white faced and shaken, to report that he had found no foot prints of the man in the areas he had been seen.

Sandwood Cottage has stood here untenanted for many years. A few years ago an old fisherman spent a night there and heard footsteps outside and a tapping at the window on the ground floor, and when he looked toward the window he saw the face of a bearded sailor looking back at him through thw window. The fishermans names was Angus Morrison. The fisherman opened the door to the sailor with the brass buttons and when he looked out of the door there was no one in sight. On another occasion he was awakened by a feeling of being suffocated by a thick black mass that seemed to be pressing down on him.

A local shepherd, Sandy Gunn, has told that he once spent a night at the same cottage and heard distinct footsteps walking about on the ground floor., he is quite satisfied that they were not caused by an animal.

More recently a pair of English visitors spent the night in the cottage, they told the local postmaster at the time, that they would not be spending another night in the cottage because of what they experienced, which was:

-the cottage shook

-crashes and bangs

-doors slammed shut and flung open

-windows being smashed

-heavy tramping footsteps

all of which appeared to be coming from upstairs.

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I've read about this place ....... can't remember where......*scratches head*

Again - this place is located by water!!


BUT I think it's mainly legend.........unless anyone wants to set up an investigation there?

Hammy x x x

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