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UFO crash in Wales?

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'At 8.30 PM on 23 January, 1974, a large disc-like craft was seen to fall from the skies over Clwyd in Wales. Dozens of witnesses across Lancashire and Cheshire had phoned the police earlier that evening after seeing a strange formation of green lights flying erratically over the skies of the north-west. At exactly 8.38 PM, something impacted into the Berwyn Mountains in Clwyd, and the resulting tremor - which measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale - was felt in Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, Southport, and even in some areas of Greater Manchester.

Police immediately converged on the Berwyn Mountains, expecting to find a crashed passenger jet, but just what they did find has never been divulged. A convoy of army trucks passed through Chester that night and made their way to the epicentre of the crash site, then the army threw a cordon around the area. Even the police and crash investigators were warned off. A nurse who lived near the scene of the impact told a local newspaper that a flying saucer 'the size of the Albert Hall' had smashed into a mountain, throwing debris and bodies for over a mile. She said she walked up to one of the bodies, and realised it wasn't human, but before she could describe what she had seen, the military intervened, and two Ministry of Defence officials ordered her to remain silent about the UFO because her comments 'would constitute a threat to national security and the defence of the realm'.

That nurse has never been seen in the area since, and the news reporter who visited the scene of the alleged crash refused to talk about the incident up until his death in 1979.

In 1980, an electronics engineer named Arthur Adams, who had worked on Concorde, visited the Berwyn UFO crash-site and found strange green coloured pieces of metal embedded in the rocks there. He took samples of the metal to his laboratory and discovered that a sample the size of a 1-inch cube gave off two kilowatts of electricity, when wired up to a volt meter. Mr Adams contacted the Daily Express, and they published a series of articles about the strange find, but the Ministry of Defence stepped in and killed the story.

Today, no one knows what crashed in the Welsh Mountains on that winter night in 1974; some think it was an experimental man-made top secret military aircraft (possibly a prototype Stealth bomber), others think it was an alien craft from another world. If so, what happened to the bodies that were seen scattered all over the mountain after the crash? '

Hammy x x x

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Hmmm...intersting is there any links or website to this story.....

This incident just like happen in come there is no one ever took realy close look at what happen that place...always the military end in the place first...hmmmm disgust.gif

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I knew very little about the Clywd UFO case, Hammy. I suspect it gets overlooked by the Rendlesham Forest stuff. I don't know why, though, because this is far more intriguing.

I've done a bit of hunting around, and after a short search, I've got a few snippets to add from writer Nick Redfearn, who's book I'm now going to have to buy!

"One soldier, quoted in the book under the pseudonym 'James Prescott,' was ordered to Llanderfel with four others and loaded two oblong boxes into their armoured truck."

"The truck ferried the boxes back to the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment at Porton Down, near Salisbury, Wiltshire under strict orders not to stop for anything."

"Retired Mr. Prescott, who is too afraid of reprisals to be named" said that once they arrived, "'the boxes were opened by staff at the facility in our presence. We were startled to see two creatures which had been placed inside decontamination suits.'"

"'It was obvious that the creatures were not of this earth, and, when examined, were found to have died.'"

"'The bodies were about five to six feet tall, humanoid in shape, but so that they looked almost skeletal with a covering skin.'"

"'Although I did not see a craft at the scene of the recovery, I was informed that a large craft had crashed and was retrieved by other (British) military units.'"

"The incident has remained classified, and the (UK) Ministry of Defence has refused to comment."

Another snippet relates to the following day:

The next day, a mountain rescue team went to investigate, while the RAF carried out a photographic survey of the area. No trace of a craft or any meteorite was found.

"One can only assume," said Redfern, "that unless the UFO exited on its own volition, it was removed by the army." Yet another UFO was seen in the area at 7.15pm that day.

"I believe it may have been searching for the remains of the vehicle which struck the Berwyn mountains," said Redfern.


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