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Debate tournament


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You never know,... I must have the complete confidence in our judges to

determine such fate ,..for it may be I ,..YES , I , one of you might have to face.lol :P

Im a nica girla huh? :D

Abecrombie. as tiddly says Abe' :D

Hey its not easy being cheesy :w00t:

With all four in this debate season ,...We all deserve reward in that we stuck to our guns ,..nothing personal reguarding members couldnt stay . But our determiniation in waiting calls for a cheer. :clap:



Good luck to my co debaters here, and lets go do some debatin'

all is fair in love and war they say,


thanks again :tu: for AztecInca for agreeing in our plee for a argument. :tu:

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Thanks 4 the encouragement, tiddly.

May I post some suggestions here? I'll give it a shot and assume its ok so here it is.

In fact the remaining three debaters i wouldnt mind your personal opinions on these as well.

And please , if perrmissable post some more suggestoions. SaRuMaN-AztecInca , tiddlyjen and mod leaders and judgesthank you for allowing my participation and suggestion to being read ,..can i get you feedback ? to what is in the process so far or what you think might become of the debate tournament thus far.



1}College binge drinkinga} should they ban it and inforce it into rule

b} allow it to remain the same due to complicating the educational motivations to register for scholorships into college

2}Federal goverment

a} is it a legite system that supports the constitution etc.

b}is it in complete rule allowing to bend all the loophole without whatever constitutional documents might proclaim

3}The journys in traveling in outer space.a}is it for the richest societies only,.with intent and knowledge if that beforehand secretly

b}space exploration is promoted for manind in the quest to conquer the stars.promoting progress

4} the united states electrical registraed presidental voteing sytema} is it flawed , rigged to cheat the country of there vote

b}it is working for the more efficent and correct methods for the fairness of the veterts and presidental candidates.

basicly = rigged - or not rigged ?

theres fout topics i think would be interesting to argue, even if it is not a debate persay in writing. it would still work for a fair debate , and that is interesting.

my apologies if im not supposed to suggest , but like i said




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I have one....

how about, "is patience a virtue?" :P


good one sub-e :tu:

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Howdy People.

Just Wondering if these debates are likely to happen or not?

Just curious. We are all here and all waiting for them to commence.


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Unfortunately it's not looking very likely that any more debates will take place at the moment, we're planning on bringing the seasonal debates board back in the future, however for now I think what's going to happen is that the tournament board will be moved to the archive until the next debates season begins.

We're just discussing this behind the scenes, so a decision should be made within the next few days on whether or not the few remaining tournament matches will go ahead or not.

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The debates should be continual and on-going. To make it seasonal is to deprive us of our ravenous debating desires, so feed these brooding hounds the blood of debate they so desire and slap down a great side of debate HOG ... let us BEGIN.

Okay, seriously, I love debates. I have some free time again. let's get the debating rolling. I am a great mass-debator. I Love that Joke.

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In a site like UM where we see people discuss and debate wonderfully in several topical threads of several forums, I wonder why we see so little activity in the debates section? Probably the debate's section is not getting enough exposure and publicity, but in my opinion, most importantly, we need to see more popular and even controversial topics to get more people interested.

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Do green apples taste better than their mutant hybrid brother the great red apple?

Yes . . . yes they do.

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