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I was just wondering what everyone's view was on a black hole... I used to be really interested in space and astronomy when I was in grade school and stuff... and anyways, never really studied much more than the basic stuff... but I was just wondering what everyone's theory was on them... I think that for example when a star collapses under it's own weight (after being a red giant i think... i forget what that whole damn cycle is) to supposedly create a black whole.... All that gravity in one place would obviously put major strain on space (maybe even time) creating a theoretical wormhole through space (and time) although nothing would be able to safely pass through it....

I've also thought about (and I'm sure it's been discussed before) the harnessing of the power of a black hole. I mean, just thinking about how much energy it takes to escape earth's gravity (airplanes, rockets, etc.) if we were to be able to harness a black hole's energy and maybe even use some kind of energy to further the output of the black hole... well then we would finally have the perpetual energy machine....

anyways I'm just rambling with my uneducated self... but was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were.... thanks....user posted image

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i heared that u shoot dark matter in a black hole and u can get a stable worm hole or sum but i always wanted 2 know how too get dark matter?

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