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Locations for going Underground

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Click HERE for more info and detail on locations.

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Becarefull if you do go investigating. Some people don't come back.

North American Underground Bases, tunnels, entrances, and cities.


ARIZONA, GRAND CANYON, City, confluence of Colorado and Little Colorado rivers










CALIFORNIA, CADIZ just 2 miles NW of Bonanza Springs, some 13 miles from Cadiz and just south of the Clipper mountain area.




CALIFORNIA, EL PASO MOUNTAINS - Below Iron canyon and Gofer,

CALIFORNIA, ESSEX - Jack Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Caverns [18 miles

north of Essex


CALIFORNIA, BETWEEN HOPLAND & LAKEPORT - Edward John spoke of an area midway between the two cities [in the area of the Krishna temple] and somewhat south,




CALIFORNIA, MT. LASSEN glazed tunnel behind an outcropping of rock at about the 7500 ft. level

CALIFORNIA, LLANO about 6 miles SW of El Mirage dry lake and 9 miles NE

of Llano

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES, City, storm drain near Willowbrook and Greenleaf Avenues

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES Los Angeles Public Library

CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES In the old Spanish Garavanza district, where

Avenue 64 and York Boulevard, Spanish Church of the

Angels on North Avenue 64

CALIFORNIA, MOJAVE underground caverns below Iron Canyon near the El Paso Mts. NE of Mojave

CALIFORNIA, NEVADA CITY - The Mayflower mine east of the city


CALIFORNIA, OAKVILLE - near the Oakville Grade


CALIFORNIA, QUINCY - turnout about 20 miles from Quincy, in a heavily wooded area.

CALIFORNIA, SALTON SEA - Mountains adjacent



CALIFORNIA, TEHACHAPI MTS. This site is also known as the Tejon or

Tahachapi "Ranch", and is located at the mouth of Little Oak Canyon, about 25 miles NW of Lancaster.


CALIFORNIA, SANTA ROSA - Underground FEMA facility


COLORADO, BLANCA PEAK - Mt. Blanca [Massif]is located in the mysterious

San Luis Valley of Colorado



COLORADO, DENVER - Beneath the Denver International Airport




COLORADO, WALSENBERG 17 miles east tunnel

COLORADO, FORT WAYNE base connects to Dulce NM

CONNECTICUT, EAST HADDAM centered near Mt. Tom and especially Cave Hill, 6 miles the NW near Leesville



GEORGIA, ATLANTA - A major underground Bavarian Illuminati facility

GEORGIA, DOUGLAS 6 miles west of Doulglas


GEORGIA, THOMASVILLE - Underground FEMA facility

ILLINOIS, CHICAGO - Allegations that the Bahai Temple near Chicago



KENTUCKY, SALEM - SE of Salem is Hodges cave [near Doan Spring?

KENTUCKY, TAZEWELL COUNTY - Higgingbottom #1 or Devil's Slide cave



MARYLAND, BETWEEN OLNEY & LAYTONSVILLE - Located on Riggs Road, off of Rt. 108


MASSACHUSETTS, BOSTON abby in the north section of Boston

MASSACHUSETTS, MAYNARD - Underground FEMA facility.



MISSOURI/KANSAS, KANSAS CITY - Somewhere on the Missouri river





NEVADA, PAHRUMP - NW of Pahrump [which lies due west from Las Vegas] is

Devil's Hole National Monument




NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE - Manzano mountain, or the Kirtland [AFB]

Munitions Storage Complex

NEW MEXICO, DULCE major base


NEW MEXICO, ORGAN MTS. - 60 miles NW of El Paso, Texas



NEW MEXICO, TAOS Pueblo Peak, which is near Blue Lake

NEW MEXICO, TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES north of, stairway in earth


NEW YORK, MANHATTAN - The Episcopal Church of St. John the Divine at 103

St. and Amsterdam








OREGON, FORT ROCK BASIN - Water wells north of Fort Rock Basin have been

known to blow air for days during periods of high barometric pressure

OREGON, PORTLAND - "The Astounding Woodstock Mystery Hole just 2 miles

west of I-205






SOUTH CAROLINA, COLUMBIA 4 miles NW tunnels found


TENNESSEE, GALLATIN entrance found

TEXAS, ALPINE 60 miles SW of Alpine tunnel found in mine

TEXAS, ATHENS - Joint alien-military underground facility.


TEXAS, DALLAS - The Texas Instruments plant entrance

TEXAS, DENTON - Underground FEMA facility

TEXAS, EL PASO - Tunnel in the Franklin Mts.

UTAH, ALPINE entrance



UTAH, LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON - A few miles up the canyon there are 3

switch backs on the north side of the road, base

UTAH, SALEM-THISTLE - Under the mountains between Salem and Thistle, base

UTAH, SALT LAKE CITY AIRPORT - Underground FEMA facility

UTAH, SALT LAKE CITY - Massive underground facility for human cloning,

beneath the University of Utah

UTAH, SALT LAKE CITY - Below Crossroads Plaza, tunnels

UTAH, ZION CANYON - Reports of a vast underground drainage system

VIRGINIA, BELLS COVE - Near the small village [ghost town?] of Bell's Cove

is Buck Hill Caverns entrance

VIRGINIA, BLUEMONT - Mt. Weather, in northern Virginia, is a virtual

underground city 46 nukes from Washington D.C., a C.O.G.

VIRGINIA, LANGLEY - At least 7 levels of underground facilities beneath the CIA headquarters, some of which contain recovered alien hardware.

VIRGINIA, TAZEWELL - 6 miles SW of Tazewell is "Devils Slide Cave" entrance

WASHINGTON D.C. - The House of the Temple, the Scottish Rite Masonic base



WASHINGTON, TACOMA - A strange hole in the back yard of Jim and Harriet

Johnson's home

WASHINGTON, YAKIMA - An alien base reportedly lies below the Yakima Indian

Reservation SE of Tacoma, Washington


WEST VIRGINIA, POINT PLEASANT - 7 ft. tall reptilian humanoids with 10

ft.-span wings and glowing red hypnotic eyes, entrance

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I have a similar list with a letter but it's 70k. I can't post it because the limit.

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I expect most were some kind of bunker during the Cold War era. But even so, makes you wonder why there all still operational? And what’s taking place deep down below your feet.

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Here is the document


Subject: IUFO: REPTILIAN ATTACK: by Antonio M McCoy

Date: 18 Mar 2001 04:37:02 -0500

To: AltWritersFiles <AltWritersFiles@yahoogroups.com>,

Armageddon or New Age? <armageddon-or-newage@yahoogroups.com>

-> IUFO Mailing List

Alien ancestor diagram on the url. I don't know how true this is but some of

it may be.


by Antonio M McCoy


There are many races of Humanoids that are alien to this earth and there are

those who are not.

The Humanoid Grays/Greys are the most advanced race of humanoids and they

are not subservient to the others humanoid races.

They are assistants to the others, some are good and some are evil but they

are still the assistants.

Many researchers believe the Humanoid Greys are subservient to the Humanoid


this is due to reports of the Reptilians commanding the Greys.

The Humanoid Reptilians do not command the Humanoid Greys, they suggest and

request their assistance, but there are Humanoid Grey and Reptilian

crossbreeds that are the servants

of the Humanoid Reptilians. These were purposely breed to extend the

survival of the Type A

Humanoid Greys and to extend the mental capabilities of the Humanoid


There are Spiritual Reptilians that do command the Humanoid Greys, these are

the forces of the Devil, they are the Evil Spirits, they are beings of light

and energy, not humanoids, they are the Renegade and Fallen Angels. When and

if they wish to appear in, and/or wish to take the form of humanoids they

return to the form they once was, that is Reptilian. Like Jesus Christ and

his Good Angels appear to us, the Devil and his Fallen Angels appear in

their likeness.

The Devil and his Fallen Angels were once Humanoid Reptilians so they appear

that way.

There are Humanoid Human Forms that also seek the assistance of the Humanoid


this gives the appearance of the Humanoid Greys as their Masters, but they

are not.

Other reports show Humanoid Human Forms commanding Greys, those giving the

commands are not Humanoid Human Forms they are Spiritual Humans. They are

the Good Angels,

they are the Good Spirits, these are the angels of Jesus. Many are forms of

the Elohim.

They are the ultimate form of evolution, they have evolved and/or moved into

the forms of light and energy, and should not be mistaken for Humanoids.

They are Spirits. The Elohims and the other Spirits have always influenced

the Humanoids throughout the entire Universe/s, they initiate or allow

things to happen so that the humanoids will follow the path.

All events throughout the Universe/s are over-seen by them, the evolution of

Star Systems, Galaxies, Solar Systems, and Planets are all by their design,

or from a result of their influence.

Earth plays a significant part in their plans, it will become the location

of the final battle, as spoken of in the Bible. Many other Humanoid races

have been preparing Earth for this conflict, Earth's Humanoid population and

the history of the Earth is a result of the Elohims actions.

Our human evolution is a result of natural processes and changes of nature,

plus the influence of other Extraterrestrial Human Humanoids (through

D.N.A.). Other Humanoids, such as the Reptilians are also a result of

natural processes and changes of nature, plus the influence of other

Extraterrestrial Reptilian Humanoids.

The following indicates how are ancestors orginated from the stars:

For More Information On The DRACO'S Click Here

For More Information On The Evolution Of Earth's Humanoids Click Here


If some, or particular Dinosaurs would had survived the Asteroid Cataclysm

that had

occurred 65 million years ago they, would have eventually become humanoid in

their physical appearance. Just as some dinosaurs evolved into birds, others

could have also evolved into Humanoids. In fact there were particular

dinosaurs that were closer to Humanoid form than they were to Bird form, one

of these dinosaurs was called; LEAELLYNASAURA.

110 million years ago this Herbivorous Dinosaur had a Bipedal Posture, Long

Legs, Developed Hands at the end of the front limbs, Large Eyes set into the

head, and an unusually Large Brain. What state of evolution was this

particular dinosaur in, around 65 million years B.C. if it had these

qualities around 110 million years B.C.? If you add 35 million years of

evolution onto any species evolution you will see dramatic changes after the


In 35 million years time human evolution went from Early/Old World Monkeys

to Homo Sapient Sapient. This is a long period of time but i believe that

humans received Evolutionary D.N.A. boosts or jumps to assist them to that

level. I believe that LEAELLYNASAURA was also given Evolutionary Jumps or

Boosts by it's Extraterrestrial REPTOID and DINOID cousins.

Even if this particular Dinosaur was not given D.N.A. boost or jumps this

creature would have been well-equipped to live through the Asteroid

Cataclysm around 65 million B.C. If it did, add another 64 million years

onto it's evolution and you end-up with a highly developed Interterrestrial

Reptilian Civilization with a technology far beyond ours. "The Reptilian


The Reptilian or Serpent People (as they were called by the humans) attacked

human man in various ways, trying to rid the planet of him. In the early

days of our evolution (from the evolution

of Propliopithecus to Homo Erectus) we were not a threat to them, then along

came the Humanoid-Human Extraterrestrials.

Humanoid-Human Extraterrestrials assisted us in our evolution and kept the

Reptilian or Serpent People from exterminating us. They knew that once we

had evolved into a more intelligent being,

we would have become a threat to the Reptilian Civilization. This is why God

sent them to protect us from the Reptilian or Serpent People.

Many legends, stories, and reports have indicated that these Reptilian

Creatures are about six to seven feet tall, with lizard-like scales,

greenish to brownish in color, with claw-like four-fingered webbed hands.

Their faces are said to be a cross between a human and a snake, with a

central ridge coming down from the top of the head to the snout. Adding to

their serpent-like appearance are the eyes, which have vertical slits in the

pupils and golden irises.

The worship and fear of such beings is evident throughout Earth's human

civilizations because Serpent and Dragon worship and fear can be found

throughout the world's history.

Their image has been written about, worshiped, and feared by every human

civilization since recorded history. In cultures as widespread and diverse

as those of; Sumeria, Babylonia, India, China, Japan, Mexico, and Central

America, Reptilian Gods have been feared and worshipped.

This is more than likely the reason for why the majority of Aliens

encountered by humans on

Earth are reported as having "Reptilian Physical Anatomy" and "Features".

The Reptilians were eventually defeated by the Lemurians and the Atlanteans.


*MU/Lemuria was founded, and mostly populated by the Brown & Red Skinned


Aliens/Giants, which came from the Planet of Nibiru around 900,000 B.C.

*The civilization existed between 900,000 to 23,200 - 23,000 B.C.

*The continent of MU/Lemuria was about 5,000 miles long and about 3,000

miles wide, it was a

beautiful tropical paradise located where is now the Pacific Islands, New

Zealand, and

New Guinea. MU/Lemuria had many colonies that reached into Peru, Mexico,


Southern California.

*The remaining mountain peaks of the lost continent are now the Pacific


Precise detailed maps of the lost continent of Mu/Lemuria were found on

stone tablets in Peru.

*There are also certain land masses that are the last remains of the great

civilization, such as the

Fiji Islands, Solomon Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Easter Island, New

Zealand, and New Guinea.

*The continent of MU/Lemuria was probably destroyed by a major flood that

sank the continent,

this flood coincided with the re-visit of the planet of Nibiru around

23,200 B.C.


*During the time prior to the flood much of the civilization lived in homes

with transparent/glass

roofs, which utilized the suns energy for lighting.

*The people were free from stress and disease and they lived to be hundreds

of years old.

*The people were known for their use of; Telepathy, Astral Travel and


*They were primarily a vegetarian, Agricultural, and Organic culture that

worked in

harmony with nature and the land, having little use for scientific


*The later civilization of MU/Lemuria came into contact with the

civilization of "Atlantis".

MU/Lemuria had relatively little interest in Atlantean technology and

preferred to Psychic

Energies to move objects, although they did use Ultra-High Frequency

Sonic, Solar

Energy, Crystal Energy, and Teleportation to build and move objects.

*They had concentrated on Meditation and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP),

this was a quality that was passed down from their Nibiruian ancestors.

*Many of those qualities were also passed down to various tribes and peoples

in our civilization.

*The inhabitancies of Mu/Lemuria migrated to; Africa, India, Australia,

North America, Central

America, South America, The Caribbean Islands, the Middle East, and South

Western Asia.

*When the continent of MU/Lemuria was destroyed its people became the

Tibetans, the Eskimos,

the Aborigines, the Mayans, the Africans, the Southern Asians, and the

Native Americans.

They also became the Sacred Record Keepers through Oral Tradition.


*Atlantis was founded, and mostly populated by the Light Skinned Nordic


Aliens/Giants from the Lyrian Star System, around 400,000 B.C.

*The civilization of Atlantic existed between 400,000 to 12,400-10,000 B.C.

*The continent of Atlantis was Antarctica but there were other colonies all

around the world.

It's colonies reached the Azores, the Agean Sea, Crete, and the Caribbean


*Precise detailed maps of the lost continent of Atlantis were found on stone

tablets in Peru also.

*The continent of Atlantis was destroyed when it was frozen under Ice, which

was caused by a

Crustal Displacement, a Polar Shift, and a Magnetic Reversal. It's

destruction coincided with the

return of the planet Nibiru in 12,400 B.C.

*During the time prior to the destruction of Atlantis, the Atlanteans used

knowledge (that was

passed down to them from the of the Nordic Lyrians) of Crystal Refraction,


Amplification and Crystal storage. The Crystal Technology of Atlantis was


passed down also from the civilization of MU/Lemuria.

*They used certain divisions of the energy for growth healing, and


*They used the crystals to Transfer Energy, to Retain Energy, and to focus

and transmit

it over great distances (to similar receivers/transmitters which were

Pyramids). Every Great and

Ancient Pyramid around the world face each other, this is the result of

their design.

*They also used the energies to make the earth fertile for food and

Vegetation Production.

*All these various crystals they used received their power from a variety of

sources, including the

Sun, the Earth's Energy Grid (Ley Line) System or from each other.

*The early civilization of Atlantean came into contact with the MU/Lemuria,

there has been

research indicating wars between the two civilizations.

*In the later Atlantean civilization, crystals were used quite extensively,

and misused to such a

degree (mainly for war) that they eventually led to the destruction of the


*It is said that intense gravity waves generated by the crystals were beamed

into the Earth, the

Earth's Crystalline Quartz in Granite Rock (25% throughout the earth's

crust), absorbed the

energy and melted-down. This caused Fault Line slippage and the Crustal


*Before the destruction, the population of Atlantis migrated to; Europe,

North America, South

America, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.


Our civilization (when we actually ruled the earth) did not begin until we

became Homo Sapient Sapients around 300,000 B.C., there were still

Nephilim/Giants (the MU/LEMURIANS and the ATLANTEANS) around but we were

still beginning our reign on earth. GOD had paved the way for our reign when

he allowed the Nephilim/Giants to defeat the REPTILIAN Civilization.

After the fall of the Nephilim/Giants in 23,200 B.C., 12,400 B.C., and 5,200

B.C. we were finally allowed to make our own decisions on Earth. We were no

longer infants on the Earth, we had finally reached adult hood, no more

excuses would be accepted for our actions, it was time

for our civilization to be judged like the others were.

Prior to our judgment we were allowed to sit back and watch as the Giants

ruled the Earth, and

they exploited us because we were weak and young at that time. For their

sins God destroyed them with; wars, global cataporphies, and cosmic

disasters. What did we learn from all of their mistakes? Apparently not

enough, because the same; wars, global catastorphies, and cosmic disasters

will befall us also.

Some people might say that the wars, global catastorphies, and cosmic

disasters are a natural process in the cosmos, they probably are to a

certain extent. In-spite the natural process of things,

a civilization that constantly commits sins seems to receive an over

abundance of these things.

This is no accident it is by design, because GOD and his ELOHIMS has willed

it, and it is a fitting punishment.


The defeat of the Reptilians by the Lemurians and the Atlanteans ages ago

will be their rally-cry

for their future take-over and re-inheritance of the Earth. Long before the

Reptilian Invasion of Earth and our civilization a Extraterrestrial

Reptilian Mother Ship from another Star System followed closely behind a

Comet heading in the direction of Earth. From their mother ship they used a

Gravitational Field/s to pull the Comet along through space. The Comet’s

body acted as a Stellar Debris Impact Shield which also attempted to

disguise the Mother Ship’s advance. This very thing happened during the

visit of Comet "HALE BOPP".

All during Hale Bopps visit to Earth N.A.S.A. and other Comet watchers

detected the presence

of the Mother Ship, one group knew exactly what the accompanying object was

"an Alien Space Craft". This group was called the "Heavens Gate" group, the

group that "so-called" committed suicide. The truth is they were all

murdered by corrupt members of the United States Government, for the New

World Order. The New World Order are the pawns

of the Reptilian Interterrestrials and they did not want anyone to know

about the Ship.

The mission of that particular Mother Ship was to deliver Reptilian Troops

to the Earth, that mission is now complete. The Earth's Interterrestrial

Reptilians established facilities for the Extraterrestrial Reptilian Troops

long before their arrival, these facilities are Secret Military and

Reptilian Underground Bases, located all around the world.

The locations of these and other alien bases are located at;

Sierra Madre Oriental, Coahuila Mexico

Sierra de la Fragua, Coahuila Mexico

Charcos de Risa, Coahuila Mexico

Casas Grandes, Chihuahua Mexico

Ojo del Carrizo, Chihuahua Mexico

Jimenez, Chihuahua Mexico

San Jose de la Popa, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Cerro Carrizal, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Sierra de Juarez, Baja California Norte Mexico

San Bernardo, Durango Mexico

El Salto, Durango Mexico

El Troncon, Durango Mexico

Atotonilco, Zacatecas Mexico

Apizolaya, Zacatecas Mexico

Avalos La Ventura, Zacatecas Mexico

Sierra de Catorce, San Luis Potosi Mexico

Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato Mexico

Ciudad Dr. H. Alvarez, Guanajuato Mexico

Jalpan, Guanajuato Mexico

Amealco, Guanajuato Mexico

Sierra Gorda, Guanajuato Mexico

Coacuilco, Hidalgo Mexico

Progreso, Hidalgo Mexico

Metztitlan District, Hidalgo Mexico

Maravatio de Ocampo, Michoacan Mexico

Coalcoman de Matamoros, Michoacan Mexico

Atlacomulco, Estado De Mexico Mexico

Tejupilco de Hidalgo, Estado De Mexico Mexico

Chilpanzingo and Filo del Caballo, Guerrero Mexico

El Limon, Guerrero Mexico

Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero Mexico

Izucar de Matamoros, Puebla Mexico

San Juan Ixcaquixtla, Puebla Mexico

Xicotepec de Juarez and Filomeno Mata, Puebla Mexico

Zitlaltepec, Tlaxcala Mexico

San Augustin Loxicha, Oaxaca Mexico

Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca Mexico

Chiquihuitlan, Oaxaca Mexico

Cerro los Bolones, Chiapas Mexico

Canyon del Sumidero, Chiapas Mexico

Cowles, New Mexico

Gallinas Mt, New Mexico

MT Taylor, New Mexico

Tajique, New Mexico

Division Peak, Nevada

Sherman Mt. and Jiggs, Nevada

Baldy Pk, Arizona

Red Lake, Arizona

Noamy Pk, Utah

Gore Range, Colorado

Warden Valley, Colorado

Seneca and Ringgold, Nebraska

Lake Cherokees, Oklahoma

Cumberland Plateau, Alabama

L M Smith Reservoir, Alabama

Falkville, Alabama

Jacksonville and Palatka (in the ocean), Florida

Mt. Everet, Massachusetts

Eagle Lake, Maine

Piseco, New York

Evarts Harlan, Cumberland nets, Kentucky & Virginia

Churubusco, Indiana

Greencastle, Indiana

Big Sable pt. (under water base), Michigan

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Willlam Bay, Wisconsin

Center City, Wisconsin

Wapello, Iowa

Bismark, Aberdeen, Napoleon, North Dakota

Livingstone, Montana

Piney Buttes, Montana

Mt Hood, Oregon

Mt. Logan and Jack Mountain, Washington

Calispel Peak, Washington

Brooks Range, Alaska

Mount Greenough, Canada

Mount Hare, Canada

Cape Farvel, Greenland

Jokulsaarglifur National Park, Iceland

Rastegai'sa, Norway

Troms, Norway

Nordland, Norway

Norbottens Län, Sweden

Utsjoki, Finland

Tundra - Peninsula of Kola, Soviet Union

Island of Novoja Zemla, Soviet Union

Siberia - Chatanga, Soviet Union

Bay Cresta - Egveknot, Soviet Union

Mt. Levick, Antarctica

Sör Rondane Mountains, Antarctica

Mt. Allott, Western Australia

Great Artesian Basin, Queensland Australia

Murra-Mura, Queensland Australia

Mt Davenport, Northern Territory Australia

Collerina, New South Wales Australia

Strzecki Desert, South Australia

Cordillo Downs, South Australia

Long before the Hale Bopp troop delivery the Interterrestrial Reptilians had

taken careful measures to remain hidden from the mass consciousness of those

dwelling on the surface of Planet Earth,

hidden from the "Ignorant Human Cattle". They established a network of

Human-Reptilian Crossbred Infiltrates within various high levels of Earth's

Governments as well as our society.

The purpose for most of the Infiltrates is to keep the world's human

population; Ignorant, Sickly,

Tired and Afraid, In a Constant State of Fear, Non-Resistant, Sinful, and


The plan after that is to:

1st. Cause Mistrust and War amongst

Earth's Nations. Instead of

subduing the common

enemy/threat, we fight each other continually,

this is by their design.

Crime, terrorism, drugs, pollution, diseases,

and murder are included into

this plan also.

(this has been going on since

our recorded history).

2nd. Manipulate the Earth's

government into the selling out of the people,

for the promise of

technology, wealth, fortune, and power.

(this was done many years


3rd. Cause chaos and panic amongst

Earth's Population.

(this will be accomplished

with Y2K).

4th. Eliminate (kill) any opposers to

their plans, people who are

identified on particular hit

list kept by government authorities.

(On these list are True

Christians, Patriots, Freedom Fighters,

and/or anyone with a High


5th. Disarm the Earth's Populations,

the people who are not loyal to

them. (Y2K will bring about


6th. Force the people into slavery

through hunger, to buy their loyalty.

(Y2K will bring about this,

they will then force those peoples to

accept the "Mark of the Beast"

that way they can be controlled).

7th. Unleash their attack upon the

rest of mankind. (This will be done

by human traitors as well as

by the Reptilians, on that day you will

see the "Great King of Terror"

that is spoken of in the bible).

8th. Exterminate the remanding

follower of Jesus, the True Christians,

the Patriots, and the People

of Wisdom.

9th. Enslave the entire Earth.

10th. Begin the systematic murder of

all of Earth's human population.

11th. Double-cross the humans loyal to

them and murder them also.

12th. Repopulate the Earth with

Reptilians from other planets.

Hebrew, American Indian, Aztec, and Hindu Prophets had all warned that in

the "End of Days", we will encounter Dragons, Leviathans and Serpent Gods.

They shall arrive as the harbingers of terror and death. "The Apocalypse".

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Very and i mean VERY interesting stuff.spyro thumbsup.gif

So it's saying that 'they' are diverting out attentions to other crazy things like terrorism,murder,rascism etc.... so that we will not and never be aware about this??Since last time i had a thought that all these were all planned super well,and i had been thinking about this too,somehow maybe there's a link between like the US Admin (i don't mean anything here) and nutcases like Osama.i wouldn't dare to guerantee this but this whole thing is just....wierd somehow.

I also wondered this,why everyone in this world are so....crazy just to be famous like rockstars,actresses,actors etc....the ones that would appear in front of your TV frequently.Well i'm not saying that these people are goonies and should be launched back to the stone-age or something but haven't you wondered that all these stars and celebs are given special honours and piles of cash....just for entertaining??i find that a little out off course.I'm not being jealous here but.....why?i mean some of our top scientists and greats were given less attention than them,not just less,it's whole hell less.try asking anyone who made this thing,who came up this theory or whatever and all they say is......shut up will you?stop crapping...........i have alot of these over here. sad.gif

okay take one example,Michelle Branch.I'm not saying she's so stupid or not doing the right thing but take as an example to represent a whole lot more of young teenagers out there.at classes she'd usually be caught writing song lyrics or whatever.even others (at times like me) they fantasized the luxury life,big cars,pretty ladies etc......from that,we could imagine how our future is going to be when all of us are thinking this way.what like,only entertainers exists in the future?and from that,i think it's some part of the 'plot' of diverting us into this kind of things and to ignore studies of the real knowledge.

most others think simply simple.they say,'I'm gonna get a steady career,build up a family,bla bla.and i'm not gonna think of other stuff'.it's great to think this way but.....how do i say this,we can't say like,wow the airplane is so advanced,we could fly in the air......i mean shouldn't we be thinking of....say,is the airplane our limit?how bout flying cars or special crafts into space?how do we do it?most of us here do think that way but try asking the majority people out there in this world,they are just so....content and fulfilled.anyway i don't mean anything crappy with that family thing i said,i understand that most of you already have one and although i'm just 18,i certainly would love to have one too in my future too.i hope you get my meaning. original.gif

i would love to hear your views about this one thumbsup.gif .i just don't think that....okay,stars,celebs,they are doing respectable things and they deserve our respects too because we'd be too dull without entertainment to cheer ourselves up,but certainly not to the extent of super-glamourous right?could it be that the whatever government think that this is a fantastic idea to drive our teens and the future the wrong way?and even though they'd find out about this in the future it would be too late?

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I agree with you engulf. Pop stars are paid to much for what they do. It takes attention away from the problems going on in the world; so their plan is workng.

I talk to my friend about things like making new crafts and how easy it would be, but they are like your crazy despite the fact that they would work. We are being held back technologically by them.

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Thank you for agreeing with me Spyro.Even my bro thinks this way too.Would love to add another one too,and that's sports franchise.Soccer,golf,american football,baseball.....don't you think they're being paid too much too?Say like Premiership stars,100K++ per week just for kicking the ball?Ridiculous...... disgust.gif

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Everyone can make a definative decision to disregard what they see on TV as being 'cool', or the 'way to live'. Anyone with any sort of substance to them, would know that material wealth does not determine how wealthy ones' life is. I look at them as being very shallow, and I actually pity them.

Ok, and as for the underground base list, I think it is crap, a ridiculous joke.


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Blood Angel

Firstly i want to know exactly where people get this information? i mean who the hell did they ask if it is the truth? Just because someone wrote the bible (which i might add could be a case of chinese whisper, it has been rewritten so many times is there any truth left in it at all?) and somethings just so happen to fit in with a few small parts....how does anyone know who the reptillians are or even what the atlanteans were like (if assuming of course there were any). Most of the underground bases on that list are probably old nuclear warhead storage facilitys or ammunition bunkers, we have a huge amount of them in england left over from WW2 and the cold war. I'm not trying to debunk but we need credible evidence to back up this information you posted, otherwise its nothing more than sci-fiction fantasy story, talking of reptillians anyone seen V?

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If you click on the HERE A.K.A "Project Redbook," you will see where the information came from. Newspaper articles, goverment and witnesses. I find the underground base idea interesting because I have been near so many of those places and not realized what could be happening there. As for the Reptiod Aliens I'm not sure about them. But through out history there have been many accounts of such enities. A lot of ancient cultures have paintings, carvings and stories passed down about Reptile Humaniods providing knowledge to people. Could they all be myths?

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A lot of ancient cultures have paintings, carvings and stories passed down about Reptile Humaniods providing knowledge to people. Could they all be myths?

I doubt that mcginty.If you followed the link given by spyro at the above,they talked about how dinosaurs actually evolved like us from monkeys to the now homo sapiens.Since it was like really long ago (I mean millions of years ago).....why not the dinos too right?Perhaps that they're of a super advanced race and have actually travelled out to space & build thier home in another planet.Still I don't quite understand why would they come back here in order to take this planet back someday.???Probably heritage crap?Come to take back thier great grandpa's and grandma's land??No idea on this one.

Sadly they are believed to be the evil entities in space,the seek-&-conquer type.Even heard that the Greys are under them.Providing knowledge?....I have to say i doubt that too.As far as I knew only the Greys are doing that,not this Sauroids.

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Engulf here are the myths I was talking about. LINK

The Reptilians: Humanity's Historical Link to the Serpent Race

     FATE Magazine, June 1996.

     by Joe Lewels, Ph.D.

     Author of:

     The God Hypothesis :

     Extraterrestrial Life and Its Implications

     for Science and Religion

       The following article appeared in the JUNE 1996 issue of FATE Magazine.

       Visit the FATE web site located at www.llewellyn.com for more 'True

       Reports of the Strange and Unknown'!

       Did humans evolve from reptiles?

       As long as humanity has kept records of its existence, legends of a

       serpent race have persisted. These myths tell of a mysterious race of

       superhuman reptilian beings who descended from the heavens to

       participate in creating humankind and to teach the sciences, impart

       forbidden knowledge, impose social order, breed with us, and watch over

       our development.

       The serpentlike beings were not alone, but were part of a retinue of

       super beings thought to be gods by the ancients. Yet, in cultures as

       widespread and diverse as those of Sumeria, Babylonia, India, China,

       Japan, Mexico, and Central America, reptilian gods have been feared and

       worshipped. To this day the dragon or serpent signifies divine heritage

       and royalty in many Asian countries, while in the West, the serpent

       represents wisdom and knowledge. The symbol of two serpents coiled

       around a staff (originally signifying the tree of knowledge of ancient

       myth), known as the caduceus, is today used by the American Medical

       Association as its logo.

       Interestingly, stories of reptilian beings who exercise mind control

       over human captives while performing medical procedures on them have

       been emerging from the research of some of the best known UFO

       investigators, such as Budd Hopkins, John Carpenter, Linda Moulton Howe,

       Yvonne Smith, and others. These stories, told by average, mentally

       competent Americans, have emerged independently of one another in

       different parts of the country, but have not yet received much public

       attention. They tell of human encounters with creatures that have

       distinctly reptilian features: webbed, clawlike hands, large golden eyes

       with vertically slit pupils, and scaly, greenish-brown skin. Such

       stories have circulated around the UFO research community for years, but

       few experts have had any idea of how to interpret the tales.

       So unbelievable and so frightful are they that in the past, many

       researchers merely filed them away in their minds for future reference

       rather than risk looking foolish or being ridiculed. Little by little,

       at UFO conferences around the country, abductees and researchers learned

       of each other's similar experiences with reptilian creatures, and

       gradually the stories become public.

       Today, researchers agree that there is a variety of entities involved in

       the alien abduction scenario, including the familiar greys; tall, human-

       looking blondes; the reptilians; and hybrids (half-human and

       half-alien). In addition, there seem to be variations of each of these

       that imply crossbreeding and considerable diversity. It is not clearly

       understood how each type interacts with the others, although they are

       often reported seen together.

Click on link for full info.

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My uncle helped build the Texas Intruments plant in Dallas. I'll ask him if he knew about some underground part of it. He would have seen the prints to it.

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Thanks for the link mcginty.I think we've misunderstood earlier on because the stuff in there is almost the same as what i knew in this matter so like,thanks to my misinterpretations that've led us to some misunderstanding.Sorry original.gif

Although i don't quite think that we've evolved from this reptilian buggers,it's still an intriguing theory.Will do with more checking.They like having sex too?? blink.gif .....well that's some similarity..... disgust.gif

I'll be waiting hopefully for some info gonzowalker thumbsup.gif

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Thank you for warning, mcginty! ph34r.gif

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Is school out today?????? For the love of all that is holy!!! ohmy.gifhuh.gifwhistling2.gif

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Is school out today?????? For the love of all that is holy!!! ohmy.gifhuh.gifwhistling2.gif

Okay? Anyway I haven't talked to my Uncle yet, but I do remember him saying that there are a lot of lead-lined rooms in that building. I'm not sure what T.I. would use them for, but I have hung plenty of lead-lined doors and drywall in hospital x-ray rooms.

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moe eubleck

Why does everyone leave out Hawaii when discussing underground caverns? I live in Oahu and just driving along the west coast I see hundreds of cave openings from lava tubes. There is a local legend that talks about little people who inhabited theislands b4 the polynesians arrived called "menehune" . There are still many sightings from the locals. There are also many reptile entities in hawaiian myth.

one such myth goes as follows :


Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire who lives in a volcano, sends her sister, Hi'iaka, to fetch Prince Lohiau to be Pele's husband. She gives Hi'iaka magical powers and sends the goddess of ferns, Pa'uopalae, with her. Hi'iaka and Pa'uopalae meet - and defeat - the evil reptile-man and his army. They also meet a human woman, Wahineoma'o, who joins them. Hi'iaka uses her powers to find a Fisherman who has drowned and brings him back to life.

Meanwhile, Pele, impatient for Hi'iaka to find Lohiau, destroys her sister's lehua flower groves. Hi'iaka and her companions find Lohiau and Hi'iaka saves him from the Mo'o, the dragon women. Pele, though, is still impatient and she kills Hi'iaka's best friend. Hi'iaka retaliates by taking Lohiau to be her own husband and Pele responds by killing Lohiau. In anguish, Hi'iaka begins tearing down the walls of Pele's volcano until her sister relents. Hi'iaka restores life to Lohiau and she and Pele now make peace. "

Its interesting that the idea of a reptile army can be found even in polynesian culture. Personally id like to interperet these events as archetypical and not actual. Archetypically the serpent has existed as a symbol pre-dating the neanderthal.

here are some interesting articles on the particular archetype




I trust you will find these informative. Im not saying that i dont believe in a nation of reptile who live beneath us. But lets look at the facts. Reptiles need sunlight to digest food and produce the vitamins thier bodies need to sustain them. Visit this site for a better explanation:


An underground city of reptiles is a scientific impossibility. Have any been spotted sun bathing on rocks like all wild reptiles must do? What do they eat? Have any droppngs been found? Reptiles are constantly shedding skin ; have any been found the size of humans? Any photographs?

No. these creatures can only be found in literature. Stories and myth. Hence my conclusion of archetypal projection.

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Ok, I finally remembered to ask my uncle about T.I. in Dallas.(a month or so later ohmy.gif )

He said that there are a couple miles worth of hallways and rooms underneath the building. He said there was a high amount of security clearance involed just to go hang drywall and ceilings. But there wasn't really much to see in the building process.

I know....it's a scrawny bit of info, but I found out all I could.

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Thanks Gonzo for the research. Any information helps.

An Indian Reservation near me has had strange happenings lately. There have been rumors of a new underground base being built there. I went to investage the area and had some sort of strange occurances. Certain points in town I would get these nasty headaches. As I would move away from the area the would decist. I took several photos where I felt something not wanting me there. One area I captured magenta haze being emmitted from a garage. Both images of the garage had this haze emmiting from it.

user posted image

My lenses are perfectly clean since I do a lot of photography.

Also the place had a very unusual heavy feeling about it.

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Underground bases are way cool. I wish I could find one that has been abandoned to investigate. A few years ago they found one in the mountains that was used for the president and his aides in case of nuclear attack, but had not been used since the 70's. Saw pics of it and it was awesome.

Its scary when you think of it... maybe a president would think of pushing the button because he has the safe places and if he blows up the world he would become king of the world!

Anyways.. I was in Fort Collins, CO 2 weeks ago and saw the supposed entrance to one base... that had a amusement park at its entrance. Maybe I misread something.. but I swear I remember them using this name for this base and all of a sudden while driving down the road I saw this amusement park with the same name! Don't know if that was it or not.

I'm now 40 years old. I've been studying UFO's since I was 12 years old. I used to believe alot, but now I tend to believe they are just secret gov't craft. As far as Reptilians go.. no way. That is just to mondo-bizzaro... you know? Has anyone ever seen one?

From what I have read about DIA we are supposed to be at war or something with them down there.. wouldn't that have made the news somehow? In a sense though I hope they do exist because an extra-terrestrial threat might bring the world together. alien.gif

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I find the secret bases v interesting!

Anyone got any info on secret bases in the UK?

I've heard there is one not too far from me on Ashdown Forest (where Winnie the Pooh lives). Please note that i am not implying for one minute that Winnie the Pooh lives in a secret underground military facility - but it would make an interesting moive, Disney? abduct.gif

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I live in Southern Missouri, almost in Arkansas. I know of a few caves around here. The only problem is they are on private propery, you have to get permission to be able to see them. Been to a couple, very cool, but a little creepy. About a year ago near Springfield Missouri, they were blasting to make a new highway, when they discovered a massive cave system. They found prehistoric cave bear bones and a bunch of cool stuff. They stopped the blasting, and are now trying to preserve this new found wonder.

I've heard of the one by Kansas City...underground bunker. The government has them everywhere. I guess if anything bad happens, living in Missouri could be a good thing, since all of the cave systems we have here.

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Blondie, have you been to Silver Dollar City (probably)? There is a HUGE cavern there. I forget how big one of those rooms was, but I know it was bigger than a foot-ball field.

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Blood Angel

Stamford we have in the UK a few Underground facilitys that aren't very well known to the general public, one that is however is rudloe manor (Near Bentwaters AFB (rendelsham forrest incident)). I'm planning a field investigation to another base that is not even marked on maps.....if you want details i'll send em stam ford thumbsup.gif

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