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U.S. To Miss Deadline To Destroy Chem Weapons

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It is a powerful thing to split an atom, considering all things in existence are but a collaboration of infinite numbers of them.

I remember when we were told it was necessary to invade Iraq because Saddam possessed WMD's, and was a threat because of his zealous political philosophies. Now the U.S. is reminded while Saddam may be gone from power, zealous political philosophies and WMD's are not nationally exclusive!

U.S. To Miss Deadline To Destroy Chemical WeaponsPOSTED: 8:41 am EDT May 11, 2006

"SALT LAKE CITY -- The Army said it won't be able to meet a 2012 deadline to dispose of the country's chemical weapons stockpiles.

Officials blame delays caused by state regulators and troubled chemical-weapons incinerators.

The United States has destroyed slightly more than 10,000 metric tons out of a declared inventory of nearly 28,000 metric tons.

Russia is even farther behind. It has 40,000 metric tons, the world's largest stockpile, but has destroyed only 3 percent. Officials said their main plants for neutralizing chemical agents won't operate at full capacity until the end of 2007." (Cont'd @ Link)

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