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Weather - Tamora (1815) Krakatoa (1883)

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I have a basic understanding of global warming in that heat is trapped within the atmosphere, carbon dioxide content and so on.

The thread is not particularly about the mechanisms of the above as it surely has been covered here many times and a quick search on google should help me out.

I am interested on your thoughts on the following -

The Summer that never was of 1816 is basically attributed to the events in Tamora 1815 and the amount of ash, sulphur etc..... pumped into the atmosphere.

Global temperatures dropped, and would take some time to recover.

Given that the weather may not have properly recovered we find that Krakatoa pumped huge quantities of ashm sulphue etc..... in 1883.

I believe it is accepted this affected the temperatures globally did not recover until the 20th century.

I disagree to some extent on the date 1888 for recovery.

My question and two possinle answers are -

Are we particularly experiencing global warming or is it the case that temperatures are slowly recovering from volcanic activity.

The fact is that the termpertaures we have are the actual ones that Earth should be experiencing given the cycle.

Temperatures are increasing due to industry and progression of civilisation and Scientific methods of predicting the heat rise are inaccurate as they do not take into account the volcanic activity.

Argueably the incline of temperature rise should be steeper, and thus by 2050 the scenario will be worse than expected, and in our life times (probably).

Do you know of any research papers on the above as I am struggling to locate on Google etc...

Kind regards

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I've heard that global warming is just the earth heating back up from the last ice the paper it said that the pollutants where not massive enough to affect the temperatures throughout the world and by process of eliminationfound that it had to be the earth recovering from the ice age

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